Good movie, totally creeped me out to see what Jesus would have been like today

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  • i_drank_the_wine

    Apologies in advance to any fellow ex-JW's that personally believe in Christ. We all have our own beliefs now, whatever works for you and isn't JW's - I am all for it.

    I watched a Netflix streaming movie yesterday called The Encounter.

    Why I watched it, I don't know. It just showed up under new releases and for some reason I thought it was supposed to be a horror/thriller B-movie or something. I just put it on my 2nd monitor to halfway watch while I was working on my main screen.

    Long story short, this movie had Jesus intervene, posing as a diner cook/owner, trying to "save"/turn-around 5 people in it, and had Jesus act and talk just like the Jesus from the Bible.

    If Jesus was real and alive today in human form he would have totally creeped me out. The way that he talked the whole time in whimsical riddle fashion, the way that he was telling these people what to do in their lives, the fake-JW-like smile plastered on his face the whole time like he was in the Soundgarden "Black Hole Sun" video, the uncomfortable way he repeatedly tells each of the other 5 characters "I love you" and stares at them, the fact that he kept repeating how he knows everything because he's Jesus....

    I mean, if you get a chance, just watch it. It made me feel really icky and uncomfortable inside for some reason lol.

    Funny thing is they have one of the characters ask him multiple questions like why he killed all the men, women, children, and livestock in Canaan. It's like they used the Reasoning Book and other religious fluffery to answer the doubter. It keeeeeeeled me.

  • PSacramento

    The problem with that is that the Jesus of TODAY would NOT be like the Jesus of 1st century Palestine.

    God is shown to be very much of an "accomodist" when it comes to talking to people, God KNOWS who He is dealing with.

    Jesus speaks to Us in a way that we would understand, that we choose NOT at times to has to do with us, not Jesus.

    Funy thing is that you never read of Jesus saying to ANYONE in the NT that he loves them.

    He doesn't have to.

    I have not wacthed this movie, but it seems that it was made with a very "sunday school" view of Jesus.

  • bluesapphire

    Jesus speaks to us? Really?

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard


    Jesus speaks to us? Really?

    Sure he does. Have you never heard "Jesus told me to do it" on the news?

  • PSacramento
    Jesus speaks to us? Really?

    Yes, yes He does.

    He speaks via love, He speaks via our conscience that we tend to ignore when it goes against doing what we know is right, He speaks to Us in the universe around Us and He speaks to Us in the words of love we hear from each other.

    He always had and always will.

    What WE do with his words, that's up to us.

    Of course there is no reason for you to believe me, I mean, why would you?

  • oppostate

    Hey PS,

    I appreciate your post. Nicely stated.


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