God's Unfolding Purpose-Illustrated

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  • LostGeneration

    The upcoming WT study this Sunday is another doozy. While the focus is primarily on making sure that JWs shun the hell out of their DFd and faded family members, another incredible point is found in paragraph 7, which states in part:

    When representative members of the “slave” discern that our viewpoint on some point of truth needs to be clarified or corrected, they do
    not hold back from making the adjustment. The slave class is more interested in cooperating with God’s unfolding purpose than in shielding itself from criticism over an adjusted understanding.

    Following this logic, I present one of my favorite pieces ever assembled from WT literature - I wish I knew who put this together so I could give proper credit. This chart lets us know that it is GOD, not the Watchtower society that is responsible for the constant flip flopping, as it is his "unfolding purpose" to present ever changing doctrine through his channel of communication on earth today:

  • luna2

    This is how religions twist and turn trying to force "God" into their doctrines. It still pisses me off that I was so stupid as to accept it back in the 80s, when I got involved with JWs, and that it took me almost 20 years to finally see through their garbage.

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