Are Jehovah's Witnesses superficial people?

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  • Iamallcool
  • cedars

    Individually, no. They are real people who genuinely believe that their religion is the true one. The Society that leads them, however, is entirely superficial in that it is not what it claims to be, i.e. God's channel of communication.

  • Quendi

    I agree with cedars to a point, but not entirely. Jehovah's Witnesses, like many other people, do not really understand what makes a true friendship work. They do not know what unconditional love really means. They do not know how to make their decisions using their consciences when it comes to human relationships. So in that sense, I think they are superficial, and that becomes abundantly clear when told they should shun anyone who has been disfellowshipped or has disassociated himself from the organization.


  • Quarterback

    That trait is found almost anywhere we look today. I believe that some JW's wear a mask. They hide behind those smiles. I see the fakeness, from the platform, out in field service, at the conventions, and notice the guard come down when I'm having that one on one conversation with them.

  • 00DAD

    In my experience (25 years as a JW, 20+ of which I was an elder), most JWs start out as sincere Truth-seekers. But everything about the organization--the absurd rules, the hypocrisy, etc.--eventually forces most to become pretenders, pretending to be someone/something they are not.

    Some few actually fit in nicely and remain "True Believers". IMO, they are the really scary ones!

    Then you either leave, fade, DA yourself, get DF-ed or remain stuck in the movement (no offense to SIAM).

    As always, your mileage may vary.


  • Dudu

    I agree with DAD the organization forces most of them to become pretenders, and usually those thinking too much and looking for deep and true answers end up out....

  • trailerfitter

    From a non believers point of view YES. They way JWs treat me once they know I do not fall prey to their persausions do become somewhat cold in their responses. I know my wifes BS teacher doesn't like talking to me but does when my wife is in the room. The keeping up appearances is soon dropped when she is alone with me and I can feel her uncomfortable in that situation.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    When you have to hide your thoughts and feelings and control your behavior you can't be a fully aware person. The WTS forces JWs to hide so much of themselves that often what is left is superficial. They aren't even free to discuss many topics which really need to be discussed.

    However when they leave the controlling fist of the WT leaders and begin to think for themselves they begin to realize just how much of themselves they were keeping under lock and key.

    I know that as a JW there was so much of me that remained hidden. And near the end when I did start talking to JWs about the abuses I suffered before I became a JW not one had anything useful or encouraging or even supportive to say. I never had that problem with non-JWs. They might have been stunned speechless but even that was better then the blank stares I got from my JW friends

  • nugget

    in order to maintain their group identity JWs have to depersonalise themselves and stereotype people. In this way the strength of the group reinforced and people outside the group can be generalised as bad, selfish and materialistic. This means that there is a degree of superficiality. Once people leave then their true personality can resurface and allow them think and feel and behave in a more rounded and meaningful way.

  • AwareBeing

    The organization is superficial, and many in it are also. The brand falsely advertises something that it knows it can't give, and many are stuck having to go along with it. Seekers of truth are drawn to it's claim, and many members don't know how to inform new ones without them leaving. Outwardly the organization's teachings show how they have cleaned up religion, and many members who know there's more to it than that continue to preach it's entire theology anyway. This brand name includes newly devised falsehoods that form a mental web in believers minds that make it very difficult to escape from, and many elders are becoming aware of this cultic tactic. For these reasons and much more, a culture of pretend friendships have a prominent place in the majority of Jehovah's Witnesses' congregations. The great out cry on the web attests to this as we have expressed our dealings with this corporate sales religion. In the text book fashion of abusive cults we've noted: marking, snubbing, running cliques at the halls, disassociating whom ever is in their view finder, and many things like these. In spite of the mounting evidence WT continues to say: "Do you know who we are? We're the 'faithful and true'!" Yet to us; it's many thrown away, chased out, and escapees know what they are, false advertisers for an elitist body, and false prophets of Satan!

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