i was happy in and i'm happy out

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  • never been happier
    never been happier

    Can i tell my story,briefly. I spent 18 yrs on the ministry,11 of them as an unbaptised publisher,i refused to get baptised because the dedication was a vow to the Society,not a vow to God as defined in scripture,this led to many many debates with the elders and i often raised the "millions now living will never die" issue and several other points but was always told about the "light getting brighter" and "imperfect men" but eventually i relented and jumped in the water.I wish now that i'd read Bro Franz's books,particularly crisis of conscience before doing that,would have saved many hours preaching false doctrines of men, as doctrines of God.But once i got on the internet and started researching....what,bro Russell is buried with a huge pyramid,was into numerology,loved Freemasons,had ancient egyptian symbols on his books,couldn't prophesy what the name of tomorrow would be,said Jesus was already present since 1799,1874,1878,1914,1918,.. and the Judge was even worse"1925 is even more clearly prophesied in scripture than 1914" "millions now living will never die"(recently re-written as millions now living MAY never die),built a lovely house Beth Sarim for the returning brothers to live in,but lived in it him self,and drove around in their car.Then came the new name Jehovahs witnesses,but JC said we would be witnesses of HIM ,and suffer because of HIS name,thats what Christianity is.Then 1935 and heaven was closed to new entrants until 2005 when 2 new bros were put on the GB who weren't even born in 1935.No one in my congregation batted an eye to it...but the doctrines were still true...weren't they???????? sorry but they have more holes than my watering can.. they resorted to quoting the Johanas Greber bible,written under trance by Grebo and his spirit medium wife and used to back up the WTS version of John 1:1.So jumping ahead,when i was pointed to the UN deception(an organisation which hosts the temple of set in th UN tower) it was time to bale out,simple as that.They won't hear anything i have to say but oddly they haven't called a judicial for me either.I was in my late 20's when i joined and I got my child-hood buddy into it about 10 yrs ago,but he now refuses to acknowledge me and he only lives 100yds away,and apart from 2 or 3 others thats it as far as contact goes.But the crucial saving for me was the fact that i always kept association with outside friends and my wife never joined so the change was much easier than some of you have had.Ihaven't found a new church,yet,i loved God before the WTS stuck their ore in and i still love God since i got out. I,d love to discuss doctrines with those of you who still have a belief in something.There are no annointed in heaven since 1918,the Trinity(depending on which of the many definitions you hold to)may be true.JC probably was crucified,see what reading the bible alone does to the "truth" ..love to all my brothers and sisters,to those still in,it is NOT the truth,God never gave his favour to them ,but tread very carefully when you come to that conclusion for youselves.. i feel for those who have been brutalised by this wicked organisation,if you decide to leave,go very slowly over a long period of time,cautiously make friends outside,and slowly slip away,its the least traumatic exit,and if your whole family is in then don't start bad-mouthing the org,just gradually drift and the lovely brothers and sisters you have affection for can still speak to you,its much better that way,they can't help the fact theyv'e been severely conditioned by a church that has had 130 yrs experience at it.They are decieved,victims who just don't know it.. but a collision with reality is coming along very soon.love to all.

  • paulnotsaul

    Welcome! Looking forward to your joys and concerns. I wish you success on your spiritual journey. Continue to Love one another. Judge not that ye not be judged. peacehappy1 paulnotsaul

  • TotallyADD

    Welcome never be happier. Sorry you got suck into getting baptised but at least you woke up. I believe nowdays if you had told the elders you do not believe in it anymore they will leave you alone and consider you DA. No JC necessary. Look forward to coming post and threads from you. Remember we as will as those still in are victims of a cult. Sad but true. Take care. Totally ADD

  • jamiebowers

    Welcome to JWN! There are plenty of believers on this board, however, I'm not one of them. But that desn't mean we can't talk.

  • Nobleheart

    Welcome here 'never been happier'!

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