Business of 18.8 millions of dollars - Brooklynn

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  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso

    Yeah . This week -end will be put on sale a few buildings belonging to the Watchtower in the area of ??Brooklynn , valued at 18.8 million dollars.

    See the news here :

  • designs

    They should form a REIT.

  • cedars

    What irritates me about the property sales is the amount of VOLUNTARY LABOR that went into making these properties so marketable in the first place. The Society will be flushed with funds from the sale of the Brooklyn estate, and it will have more money than it will know what to do with. And yet, it will continue to roll out the installation of credit card payment machines at assembly halls, and rake in those donations from gullible publishers who assume that the whole thing would crumble around them if they didn't donate their hard-earned cash.

    I just feel sorry for all those many well-meaning volunteers who spent their valuable time and skills making those buildings so attractive. None of them will see a single cent for their efforts. It will all just pour into the Watch Tower coffers.

  • koolaid-man

    Keep up the good work TJ


    Watchtower Finally Ready for Its Great Brooklyn Heights Sell-Off

    Friday, September 16, 2011, by Sara Polsky

    watchtowerproperties_9_11.jpgThe Jehovah's Witnesses are making a slow exodus from Brooklyn for larger pastures in Warwick, New York (and possibly saving Brooklyn Bridge Park from more condos in the process). They've been waiting out the downturn before putting their smaller Brooklyn Heights properties on the market, but the Jehovah's Witnesses seem to feel more secure about the state of real estate sales these days: five of those properties will hit the market this weekend, following three multi-family buildings that hit the market several weeks ago.

    The two townhouses, two brownstones, and one carriage house (right) will have a combined ask of 18.8 million, according to the Times. The carriage house, two apartments with a four-car garage, is on Columbia Heights; the townhouses are on Orange and Willow streets; and the brownstones are on Willow and Remsen streets. Anyone buying?
    · Big Deal: Jehovah's Witnesses List Prime Properties [NYT]
    · Watchtower coverage [Curbed]

  • sizemik
    The Society will be flushed with funds from the sale of the Brooklyn estate, and it will have more money than it will know what to do with.

    They need it for the legal dept. and out of court settlements for their criminal activities . . . that'll eat it up in no time.

  • Gayle

    I think of that one case the WTS lost with 16 pedophile victims but there was a "gag order," so do not know official amount. But I think of one case like that could be close to that, I hope they lost an amount like that or close. But again, it's the poor JWs that are working and donating these funds. The GB guys don't pay,,they don't even let their members know about these lawsuits all around the world. They can just turn around and put credit card terminals in the Assembly Halls and the poor JWs will just pay and pay and pay.

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