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    thanks to ms. berengeria,,, you made me think of this ..

    Sir David Lean is one of my top 10 directors.

    My favorite film EVER ,, no messin' around, I mean this,,,

    Doctor Zhivago .

    The book is great, too, written by Boris Pasternak, the real Dr. Zhivago, and dedicated to his beloved Lara.

    Sir David made many great films, including ....

    Okay, let's talk The Bridge on the River Kwai (historical fiction at its best) ...

    Da Dah! Da Da Da DAH! DAH!DAH! (think whistling and David Niven!)

    Ummm, can you say Lawrence of Arabia?

    Older stuff, one of my fav B&W's,,, Oliver Twist .... you want MORE? And another Dickens,,, Great Expectations, with John Mills ...

    I have to mention Brief Encounter, for any who share my love of Sir David Lean's films.

    enough already

    There are many great directors; another of mine is Norman Jewison, and also, I think Kevin Smith is the BOMB.


    just so y'all don't think I'm a movie snob,,,, my other BEST MOVIE EVER is a combination between

    STAR WARS (duh, of course!),,, STAR TREK THE WRATH OF KHAN (KKKHHHAAAAANNN!!!!!) ... and

    HEAVY METAL ---- I mean, Hell, the hero is a GURL~!!!

    Heavy metal NOISE .............


  • talesin

    Ha! won't let me edit ...

    my question is... do you have a favorite director???

    famous,,, obscure ... let me know. love to watch flicks.



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