Australia: Ramifications of government watchdog's ruling on Scientology's use of unpaid laborers

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  • MrMonroe

    Fair Work Australia, the government industrial law agency, has ruled that the Church of Scientology broke Australian law by requiring employees to work long hours for as little as $10 a week. The church's defence was that because it is a religious entity, its workers are not employees, but volunteers.

    Which all sounds a bit familiar!

    The agency also found that "a significant level of control and direction was applied to workers by more senior church members who hold positions of authority". Workers accused the CoC of using "unconscionable tactics" to keep them in their work commitment.

    Which all sounds a bit familiar!

    FWA also called the CoC a "bureaucratised organisation" that appears to have imported practices and procedures into Australia with little regaerd to Australian workplace laws. It urged workers who felt they were being intimidated to complain to the police.

    I wonder if similar grounds exist for complaint by former Bethel workers who are required to work six days a week and also perform field service to mett monthly quotas.

    Link to news reports on the FWA ruling are here and here.

  • GLTirebiter

    From the second article:

    Senator Xenophon said ... it was likely many of the complaints would only be finally resolved in the courts

    That's the rub, for serfs of the GB as well as the SeaOrg. Unless they file a complaint, and have good enough documentation and witnesses to prevail in court, they have no chance for justice.

  • Gayle

    The information that just came out didn't seem very conclusive against the CoS this week. I expected with all the hype there was already stronger documentation to prove, but doesn't seem so. A bit disappointing but maybe later there'll be better 'wrap ups.'

  • JW83

    I thought that this was exciting too, although I don't think Xenophon is interested in the Dubs, not enough money/celebrity.

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