The Watchtower and the Real Estate Business

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  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso

    Today I bring to the attention of all a theme already touched upon, but in this case assumes forums scandal.
    If Charles Taze Russell came back to life today, then died of a heart attack to see what has become the " organization " - A Company of Purchase and Sale of Real Estate .

    In England there are two corporations of the Watchtower IBSA and Britain , which operate as a "charitable " because of the possibility of tax exemption .
    However, very few people know that there is a company that also operates t here and that depends on the Watchtower Group .

    Now comes the best. What do you call this company ? THE KINGDOM HALL TRUST .

    The identification number is: 00355443 .
    The company identification number of " charity" is: 275 946 Number ( International Bible Students Association, IBSA ) .

    For what purpose this company ? Now , which he had to devote ... the purchase and sale of Kingdom Halls , business called " trust " , real estate business of property which moreover do not belong to at least morally , since all are built with the resources of the local faithful .

    You can follow the deal here :

    and here:

    This document is evident that in 2009 played with the business of 274 Kingdom Halls. In 2010 the number rose to 277 :

  • wobble

    Thank you,T.J Curioso, for posting this info.

    Interesting, I should think that you can see the extent of their trading in the reports available on the sites you link to.

    I remember some years ago when an Elder got on the platform to "explain" the reason for the Trust, why we should cede ownership of the K.H to the Trust, and then take a vote on it, the usual kind, no dissenting votes allowed or asked for.

    Now this Elder had the singular ability to make complicated the simplest of concepts, so nobody in the Hall that night had a clue what they had just voted for. I had my suspicions and subsequently investigated, and found that the Hall we had paid for, and sweated for two years to build ourselves, just before the era of quickbuilds and the dreaded RBC's, that Hall now belonged to the Trust.

    I pointed this out to one of the more savvy Elders, but even he, when presented with the scenario of a time that the Congo was combined with another and the Hall sold, he said he felt sure the proceeds would be divided between the Congo members.

    How naive can you get ?

    It is one of the best scams going, it needs no outlay by Messrs. Gibson Morris & Co. but they reap the profits.

    I think it is true to say that other religions operate a similar system to a degree, but their system is much more supportive of local groups, not making them pay for everything in the end as the WT does, and leaving many properties in the hands of the locals.

  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso

    In another words: B-I-G B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S

  • Devil_Fish

    Exactly what this case is all about. I'm glad that more are taking this ball and running with it.

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