geez that romans; 13 what a sham

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  • heathen

    I've noticed allot of attention given to that scripture of late , I've also noticed the WTBTS flip flops in dogma , to me it's an obvious contradiction in scripture and was tampered with or an out right forgery . Praising the Romans for using the sword for good is completely outrageous . From what I see in the bible is Gods hatred of world rulers and not empowering them . Any comments?

  • Shador

    Well of course, the official Witness dogma, as far as I know, is that the governments are ultimately Satan's but god permits them so as to keep order in society (since, of course, it would be hard to preach with total anarchy).

    What The Bibleā„¢ says varies depending on who you talk to.

    Personally, I think (the) God(s) have nothing to do with with human government whatsoever. Humans are quite capable of screwing things up on their own without supernatural (or alien) intervention, and I'm sure (the) God(s) have other, more important, things to do with their time.

  • heathen

    I just know the WTBTS for the longest time claimed the world ended invisibly then they got caught with the UN library card and agreeing to terms and conditions as a card holder and suddenly presto we're back to human authority being empowered by God somehow . Anarchy is not a bad thing , the romans clearly were uncivilized barbarians that used the sword for entertainment in the colloseums . Murder was entertainment to them . Jesus clearly says his kingdom is not part of the world .

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