So, about the new Smurf movie...

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  • fallen_princess

    For those on who are still in.. what is the official position of the Wathchtower with regards to this movie? The reason I ask is that I went out with some JW family to the movies recently and just for kicks I suggested we go watch the Smurfs just to see how they would react. Everyone was very resoundingly against going to watch it. Everyone is being pretty dismissive, at least on my side of the family, about my not attending meetings anymore so they didn't try to tear me down about my suggestion, nor did they offer a reason why they were against the movie. So, my question is if the borg is still against the Smurfs and if so, are they still offering the same lame and unfounded excuse that they are demonic to save face? Have they polished their reasons to discourage watching the movie? Refined their stance in any way? Is it something the borg has mentioned at all or is it just that the older generations that have kept the old urban legend alive? Or are they managing to keep ther foot out of their mouth by not mentioning the movie at all? Thanks in advance for the insight!

  • Shador

    I believe the WTB$ position would be: Smurfs have magic. Magic bad.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Every movie I've seen has these disclamers at the end of the show:

    "No demunz were harmed in the making of this movie."

    "No demunz were consulted in the making of this movie."

    So, there it is. Special effects were used, instead.

    No demunz, no demunized movie.

  • fallen_princess

    ahh... I see. So the genious is in the message's simplicity this time. Ok, so in the 90's the whole argument "Smurfs means demon in some obscure language" was not going to hold water this time around and they knew that. Brilliant! Sometimes I just have to admire the Watchtower's resolve for absolute control.

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