Australia - Scientology pay claims

by Roski 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • Roski

    News this morning about the status of Scientology members/workers and possible need for back payment.

  • Gayle

    the church had incorrectly classified as volunteers or voluntary workers people who were entitled to be classified as employees

    how does a government decide if a church worker is a volunteer or an employee? If the church and the worker both claim that the worker is a volunteer, then wouldn't that be valid?

  • transhuman68

    The people who worked for Scientology were given 'group certificates' which have to be sent to the Australian Tax Office as part of the annual Income Tax statement. If they were volunteers they would have been paid nothing, or would have just had their expenses paid. One woman who worked there was paid between $700- $3000 annually but was working full-time.

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