Koolaid-man: Are you receiving compensation from the WTBTS?

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  • Alfred

    Rick: It's just a question... (if it's been asked before and you've already answered it, please disregard this post)

    The reason I ask this question is the following... If I were a member of the GB and I wanted to discredit the "apostate" community or make them appear to be "mentally deseased", I would start by approaching a well-known "apostate" like yourself and offer him significant compensation in exchange for his/her role in making unsubstantiated claims against the WT, posting pictures of 3-person demonstrations (calling them successful) and making up colorful characters like Johnny the Bethelite. I would also have him throw in the occasional false claim so that JWs can easily say: "You see? The GB is right. Apostates are evil liars who want to hurt God's people." Yeah, that's what I would do... and there would be plenty of money in it for any apostates willing to switch sides again.

    I'm not saying you are being paid by the WTBTS... I'm just asking a question...

    Looking forward to your response if you haven't already responded on a previous post.


  • slimboyfat

    A wacky conspiracy theory so cringeworthy as to be worthy of its object in my view. You have done Rick proud with this one.

  • TimothyT

    Yeh what is this guy always on about anyway? I always read his posts and i think something major has just happened, and it turns out to be a steaming pile of sensationalised horse shi*e!

    Timmy xxx

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