Watchtower Still Has 2 NGO's

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  • sizemik

    Many here will know this already . . . but for the benefit of new ones and browsers . . . From a link in the following site . . . hope the links work for those interested. Watchtower Still Has 2 NGOs!

    Paul Gillies (Watchtower) is a NGO himself and has registered for several governmental conferences such as the (OSCE Conference on Anti- Semitism and on Other Forms of Intolerance). Please click on the pdf link provided and look at the top on page 1 and bottom of page 3.

    The top of page 1 reads: List of NGOs registered for the OSCE Conference on Anti-Semitism and on Other Forms of Intolerance. and then we find: Look on page 3 for: The European Association of Jehovah's Christian Witnesses Gillies, Paul (Consejero) Gillet, Marcel (Consejero)

    Look on page 7 to see:

    Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania (845-306-0711)
    ALLEN, Gregory local file Does the page below display a (neutral) stand as to government affairs? Does getting involved with the great harlot in this manner look like we are grasping straws or splitting hairs? I don't think so! Yet, this is exactly the organization that Paul Gillies and the European Association of Jehovah's Christian Witnesses, as well as Gregory Allen of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania have been involved with! --see below:

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Does anyone recall a picture in an older WT book that mocked the gathering of the worlds religions to work for peace?

    Edit; found the picture in the revelation, it's grand climax at hand 1988 page 249. Caption "In support of the UN's "year of peace," representatives of the worlds religions offered up a babel of prayers at Assisi, Italy, but not one of them prayed to the living god, Jehovah."

    Because in view of the below gathering, that i would bet my nuts the Watchtower Christan association of jehovah's witnesses would be at, it is another highly hypocrital flip.


  • Gladring

    They have alot more than two. When I last looked I think I counted 7.

  • sizemik
    When I last looked I think I counted 7.

    Feel free to list them and post links . . . that's what this threads all about.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I know Marcel Gillet personally. He used to be sincere.

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