Has anyone here ever attended the WT's Annual General Meeting ?

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  • wobble

    My sister has been invited this year, I would be interested to hear first hand experience of what she may expect, the kind of (boring) stuff that will be on the agenda, and anything else.

    Why invite someone like her ? I guess a kindly C.O has identified her as a loyal WT drone who has had no recognition. She has been in full-time work for the WT for over forty years, most of those as a Special Pioneer, she never married, totally devoted to the religion.

    Nice that she is to be acknowledged, of course she will have to pay for her flight (from Europe) and other expenses, and God, sorry, I mean the Governing Body, (the WT God), will not know who she is, or that she is there.

    I can imagine that when she returns home ,she will be feted as a celebrity for getting so close to god , oops, done it again, the GB, and people will be under the impression that she is privy to some new "light".

    What is the reality of this farce ?

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    I was invited to go this year but had to pass it up because of previous arrangements.
    However, I was in Bethel during the year 2000 and so attended one of them. I don't remember a whole lot since at that time it was the first time I realized this meeting went on every year, or even what was important about it.

    Like an assembly, talks are given. Certain reports are also given as well as changes to structure, such as when the GB decided to no longer serve as Watchtower president, vice president, etc.

    Also, there are updates on the "work", such as bans or bans that have been lifted, as well as known court cases not secret to the rank and file.

    Sorry I can't be of more help. It's been a while.


  • LV101

    i heard a witness several yrs. ago blathering about someone in her congregation was allowed/invited, whatever, to attend and it's a status thing. this particular person had provided retired CO's w/a shack (which was giving of her) in her backyard to live out their remaining days and part of a big power family. the informant was a wee bit jealous (she was stupid) because her poor husband, a doctor, had given and given and given --- for free, no less to these circus clowns.

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