So what does everyone think of...

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  • bushido8000

    So what does everyone think of Elliott Smith? I myself cannot stop listening to him. His tunes and lyrics were so addicting that it makes me wonder why he was never more famous.

    While we are on the topic. Can anyone else suggest artists of a similar status? Musicians who you believe deserved all of the spotlight but are rarely noticed?

  • sizemik

    I love some of his stuff. I didn't get switched on to him until the Good Will Hunting contribution (being outside the US) I love the traditional singer/songwriter style and find his lyrics very poetic and meaningful.

    Sadly he travelled the road of the tortured genius and was a fellow sufferer of the dreaded depression (maybe thats why I like him). Unfortunately, success these days often requires a stable platform and good management . . . which may be why he was never really mainstream.

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