Expectations of the New System: Classic example of JW stupidity

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  • roxanesophia

    Though I've stopped studying and have no interest anymore in the religion, bits of conversation with JW's keep coming back to me to confirm why that was the best decision. Like this particularly idiotic belief:

    Since the JW's believe the faithful men of bible stories will be resurrected into "the new system" , I remember a discussion about 'how awesome it's going to be to meet Job" or "You can marry one of Job's sons!" (or worse than that, a single 30 year old woman saying "I'm waiting to get married in the new system, then I'll have my perfect man." It really is such scary fairytale nonsense. No wonder i fell for it.)

    But it never occured to me then how stupid it was. It's amazing what happens when the Watchtower blinders are off. I wish i had thought back then to say "Won't there be billions of people on that new earth? What exactly are the odds of ever meeting any of these people? Somehow I don't think "JOB, JOB, JOB WALK 1000000 MILES SO I CAN MEET YOU" over a loudspeaker would work, either. Then i thought, they'd probably have some ridiculous remark like "Well if we're living forever, we'd have plenty of time to find him!"

    It got to the point where looking at the illustrations of this so called new system and fantasizing about what'd be like to live there was entering mentally ill territory. The inter marriage in the congregation i attended was big, but there was one particular family that was huge and there was a huge house in the illustration (looked a lot like a worldly mansion actually!) and I said "Well they've already got their house." LOL.

    Then there was "Michael Jackson will be singing kingdom melodies!" and i was so deluded, when an actor i'm fond of was filming in my town, i wanted to meet him so i could witness to him so he'd be in the new system, too. I KNOW. Good thing all prayers aren't answered. Then there was a dumbass young brother who said he'd go surfing every day, so i said thats funny since the bible says there wont be ocean in the new world and he said that was just symbolic. Hahaha. OH ,and this other one who was NOTHING to look at himself, said to a group of other guys "If you get with a fat chick now but with a really beautiful face, in the new system, she's gonna be thin."

    So I just wanted to share that and was wondering what other absurd expectations of the new system that JW's have been vocal about. I need the laugh and I'm sure there's plenty to be had.

  • baltar447

    lol, yes the more we look at it in restrospect, the sillier it all seems.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Hey Rox,

    Where to start? All sorts of pipe dreams in dub land.

    I know loads of long time JW men who think they will be princes in the new world. And their families think they will all be royalty by extension...LOL

    Lots of witnesses think they will become physically beautiful.

    And only God knows where they will find the time to develop all of their undiscovered talents while rebuilding and cleaning up dead bodies.

  • Bella15

    LOL! I remembered a sis that was actually in love with King David, at least she was single but my MOM used to talked with her and they'd both fantasize about paradise men!!!

  • flipper

    The absurd expectations I was always taught being raised in the Witnesses was that if your JW marriage mate died in this " old system " you wouldn't be able to be married again to her or him in the new system or paradise. ?? They were supposed to be like angels who didn't marry or have sex once they are resurrected ! And I thought that sucked BIG time ! I love sex. So conversely if I died - did that mean I couldn't have sex or be married again after being resurrected in the alleged " paradise " ? It sounded absolutely stupid to me. Like, yeah right, bring us back to life - but you can't have sex !! I thought - if there was a God how could he be so sadistic ? Fortunately it was all BS anyway. Now I know why

  • roxanesophia

    lol, yes the more we look at it in restrospect, the sillier it all seems.

    YEP! It's true. I do remember though, even when i believed it was "the truth", wondering how we could go from this world into one where we'd have to build everything from scratch, carry dead bodies around in wheelbarrows (which would come from where?) and when i brought that up, an older JW man said "Just worry about getting there." Hmmph. Convenient way to brush me off, (while planting the seed to DO MORE TO GET THERE!) and hypocritical for someone who criticized the Catholic priest for telling him as a young boy "It's a mystery, don't think about it" to questions he couldn't answer. LOL I love how anything that didn't make sense if we used the brain God gave us instead of follow the WBTS was pushed under the rug so quickly with the "We don't have to know that" excuse. If only they published an article on what life in their version of the new world would be like that was so ridiculous it'd wake some people up like it did myself. I guess that's why they dont think about it too much, they're scared common sense will happen.

    I know loads of long time JW men who think they will be princes in the new world.
    LOL. Not that it surprises me that JW men who were window washers in this life in order to serve an organization would have big dreams about the next life the false prophet has promised them. It's sad.

    Lots of witnesses think they will become physically beautifulWorse than that, I've heard them say they'll always look like they're in their 20's because "that's when we looked our best." lol not everyone, but even for people that's true for, I could never get my head around that one.

    they'd both fantasize about paradise men!!! It's just so twisted. How about accepting reality that no one is perfect? No, they will put off marriage in this life because they're waiting for when men will be perfect. It sounds more and more like science fiction.

    Mr Flipper, that's outrageous! LOL. I know of the scripture they probably took that from, Jesus was talking about the children of this world marrying but there's no marriage in the afterlife which i take to mean heaven, and that eternal life isn't in a fleshly body as the witnesses claim.

  • ambersun

    It amazes me that there isn't more of an outcry by teachers at schools due to the sheer lunacy of some of the expectations their JW students heads are filled with.

    Can you just imagine the average JW children at school telling the teachers the REAL reason why they will not be taking part in the after school classes, such as music and art for example? Not just that it will take them away from meetings and valuable study time which is bad enough, but more importantly they have been told as FACT by their parents that it is a waste of time being taught to play the piano or paint in oils by mere 'Worldlings' when in the New System they will receive lessons from Chopin and Leonardo da Vinci who are going to be resurrected back onto the newly cleansed earth!!

    Boy are Chopin and Leonardo going to be busy

  • LostGeneration

    I remember a discussion about 'how awesome it's going to be to meet Job"

    Nobody thinks about poor Job, or Noah, or Daniel, or King David, or any other Bible celebrity. Here is how life is for them in the "new system"

    Say for a minute that the new world has 20 billion people living there after the whole resurrection thang is all finished up. Job gets to meet them all, because he is a bible celebrity and everyone just has to meet good ole' Job, tell him what a good job he did in winning that bet God made with Satan.

    Job sits down for 5 minutes with each brainwashed JW living in the new system. He does this day in and day out for 10 hours a day, because he just wants to get this shit over with so he can go enjoy his pet panda bear like everyone else. Guess how long Job has to meet and greet til he gets done?

    5 minutes for each JW, 10 hours a day is 120 JWs each day.

    365 days a year times 120 JWs= 43,800 each year

    20 billion JWs (20,000,000,000) divided by 43,800 a year is..........

    456,621 years!

    Poor Job is gonna take the advice of his old lady and "curse God and die" rather than deal with that BS!

  • outsmartthesystem

    You're thinking of the details too much! THe more simple minded they make you....the more your imagination can run wild. It truly is sad to look back at how naive I was too

  • LongHairGal


    I am glad you examined this teaching because there's a million holes in it. This is the carrot that is dangled before the JWs and the certerpiece of everybody's "hope". The religion loves when you fantasize and hold this dream because this will keep you cemented to a seat in the hall for X amount of years! How many people have grown old there and died.

    The problem with the JW Paradise and New System is that it is all too similar to Christendom's belief of a hereafter in "heaven". The only difference is that the JWs "hereafter" is supposedly here on earth.

    This is what I have a problem with: the idea that people put off living their lives in hopes that they will get a "new" one later on. I do not accept this. I don't believe we were put on this earth to squander our present life and watch it slip through our hands like sand in an hourglass. We were meant to live. Not to put off living, thinking, using our talents, being happy, etc. etc. until some future date in never-never land. This is just plain sick.

    I was a young girl and I had a problem with the fact that some who were telling me that I should wait for [fill in the blank] were old ladies who had it all already!!! These old ladies had it all now and were expecting to have it all again in da "New System". Meanwhile, I hadn't been around the merry-go-round once. Total hypocrisy.

    I also heard (ad nauseam) comments about how people expected to be so gorgeous and perfect in never-never-land. It all sounded like a science fiction movie.

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