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  • oldflame

    Hey all my friends here at JWN it has been a long time since being here . Yep I'm still alive and boy the things going on in the world today . Folks we are at the front steps of the Tribulation. If Isreal sings the peace treaty in October according to scriptures we will know who the anti christ is soon after . I hope everyone has their faith in order because what we are about to see is not going to be pretty at all.

    Anyway just wanted to stop in and say hi and if some of you longtime friends want to catch up with me you can reach me at www.facebook.com/merrillmetzger I hope I see you there and you can see the work I have been doing there as well .

    The last thing I wanted to know if we lost anyone to death ? I hope not and I wish you all Good wishes and Blessing for above ! I love you all and I miss you too very much so ... Bye

    OldFlame ( Merrill Metzger)

  • badseed

    I agree, a lot of things could happen this fall. It will be interesting to see if any of them will bring an era of change. Hopefully they will.

  • mouthy

    Well Hello again oldflame....I havent kicked the bucket yet.But my neighbour downstairs
    threatend to send me in an ambulance by the time he would be through with me.
    He keeps me up night after night with loud music till 3 -4 o.clock in the morning

    So I called the police after months of this, THAT is when he came up after & threatened me.

    So if iI 'aint" on much longer You will know what happened....

  • LongHairGal

    Old Flame:

    Hello there. (I once asked you if that was your picture there.) Sometimes "real life" gets in the way and we cannot pay attention to this forum and this is why we don't hear from certain posters. On a sad note, I do believe a certain poster died recently (I don't remember the name but you can check out the recent posts in the last week or so).

    We also have many, many newbies. It seems many people are fed up and are leaving the JW religion or at least getting curious about what else is out there. I wish all these people well because we were all in the same situation once upon a time.

    I see you do believe in the bible and feel the tribulation is coming soon. Many feel this way and I certainly do. But, that does not mean I am running back to the abusive JW religion.

    Best wishes,

  • oldflame

    Hi Everyone !

    Hi mouthy glad to hear your doing alright . You did the right thing by reporting him maybe go to your landlord with a complaint. Maybe they will kick him out ! I talked to Gumby yesterday he is doing well .

  • shamus100

    Tell Gumby his old pal Shamooskiechuck says hello. :)

    Craig (onacruise) passed away. That's all I can think of.

  • oldflame

    That is sad to hear about onacruise, I remember him well . Does anyone know what took him ?

    Shamus I will tell him I just tried to call but he is still sleeping.................................................................Gods Speed Craig !

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