Did anyone record the "Anti-Apostate" WT study on 9/11/2011?

by RayPublisher 9 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • RayPublisher

    Hey if anyone recorded the WT study send me a link to it or PM and email it to me- I missed recording it was out of town thank Gawd but I want to do a YouTube mashup of it.

    It'll be funny, especially if I can find several of them to slice and dice together. Lemme know!

  • trailerfitter

    Oh yes please. I am debating the subject with my beloved at the moment. She told me that the Apostates want to steal christians away from the JWs and put them on a different path of false teaching. In the 2 hour discussion I had many facepalm moments.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I didn't record it but I should've. It was such a contradictory study because everything they said could apply to the WT teachings as well. Even if you believe they are correct now, back in the day they tought something different by definition making them false teachers. You could also delineate clearly those who still believe in Christ as the direct channel and those who believe the organization has it always right.

    My wife (who knows about my "apostateness" now) asked "So what did you think about the WT study, anything you could use?" I said "Yeah, it was interesting, we have to be careful of false teachers trying to take the attention away from the Christ" (implying the false teaching that mediation is only for the 144,000 which I mentioned in my last talk). "Yes, well, why are you beating around the bush? I know what you do? Do you think you can change something". I said: "Well, it's funny they would put it like that you know". "What?". "The Watchtower has teached things in the past that were wrong as well". No answer.

  • WTWizard

    Everything the article says is wrong, the religion itself is doing.

  • RayPublisher

    One brother I know listened to it and noted how many different negative phrases and names that they called apostates- he tallied over 50! I think that perhaps the GB are responding to our attacks, and this is their "Empire Strikes Back" moment where the rebellion seems to have been crushed.

    They have wounded a few of us, but they have not stopped us...HELL NO WE WON'T GO!

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I doubt that the reason for the wt study was to 'hurt' the apostate cause.

    I would think the reason is more a case of frighten the shit out of any JWs that actually paid attention.

    And i am glad my daughter was absent from that meeting as it was her visitation with me.


  • RayPublisher

    @Aussie Oz -You don't think the proliferation of Mentally Dieseased Apostates TM doesn't rankle the exalted most high governing body boys? You could be right, but I think a two pronged attack was at work- scare the rank and file, and hurt and make the lives of awake JWs/ExJWs harder with their family members. Just a theory IMO...

    Yeah we went on a little vacation that weekend...what a coincidence!

  • diamondiiz

    Mentally Diseased, yes but not apostates. Really how many apostates commit suicide vs JWs? How many apostates are on prozak or other depression drugs vs JWs? I would bet the rate of JW being mentally diseased is way higher than apostates.

    GB are like a virus that infect innocent people with their lies and twisted words, there are not too many more mentally diseased men than those old cronies in Brooklyn.

  • sizemik
    She told me that the Apostates want to steal christians away from the JWs and put them on a different path of false teaching. . . . trailerfitter

    Obviously she prefers the current path of false teaching?

  • discreetslave

    When I was at Brooklyn i use to clean the pharmacy & the suicide watch room. Seeing the psychiatric meds made me open to the idea of taking meds if needed because I felt less ashamed after seeing it on the shelves at Bethel. I was told they had 2 suicide rooms in the new infirmary at Brooklyn but I never confirmed it. If everything is wonderful at Bethel why this need or why have psychologistson staff?

    I had friends who had to leave their missionary assignment early due to the wife's PTSD. Her's issued due to living thru civil unrest in Central American country before becoming a JW. My husband & I encouraged the couple to make known her experience in that country while attending Gilead. She was afraid of being sent back there but they were also scared to speak up fearing it would reflect badly with the the br's if they made a request not to be sent somewhere. They ended up being assigned to a neighboring country so they thought she would be fine. They were wrong, the countries were very similar and it triggered horrific memories. She was ashamed to admit she needed help or to take meds. They only spoke up after another missionary informed them she was on anti-depressants and that there was nothing to be ashamed of as many missionaries are in need of psychiatric meds due to the stress.

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