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  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    TotallyADD and I have been attending a small nondenominational community church. It happens to be the same church that I attended as a small child. As some of you may remember TotallyADD was raised in the organization so this was his first experience going to church. How small is the church? This morning there were about 30 people, last week there were 23, and the Sunday before there were 17. To my surprise two women introduced themselves as my babysitters from years ago, eg., before I was nine years old.

    The pastor knows of our JW background. He borrowed and read Crisis of Conscience and In Search of Christian Freedom. He was shocked at the legalism of the Watchtower. Like most he thought JWs were a benign religion but on another path of Christianity. He is very liberal in his thinking and preaching. Last Sunday I spoke to him privately and explained that I was not a Christian and that I called myself an agnostic or secular humanist. He emphasized to me that I was welcome whether I was a believer or not.

    There are only a handful of children who attend. What impressed us was how the children are involved and valued. This morning the children were invited to come up on the stage and do chalk drawings. The pastor's nine year old granddaughter drew a picture of the Twin Towers complete with airplanes flying into them. TotallyADD and I commented how this would never have happened in a kingdom hall. Even in this day and age children are expected to be seen and not heard.

    On other Sundays the children are taken to another room during the regular service by the pastor's wife for a special "children's church".

    Overall it has been a refreshing experience.

    Reopened Mind

  • paulnotsaul

    I agree. There is nothing more refreshing than experiencing firsthand the simple message Jesus gave us. The church we attend also has a childrens ministry. Our kids love the way pastor Jean uses hands-on illutrations. It always ties in with the sermon that is given later. We feel life there, love there, compassion there that lets us know we matter as human beings. Not some cog in the coporate publishing cults gears. To quote a lyric in the RUSH song 'Sub-Divisions': "Conform or be cast out". Yes, it is refreshing to be taught to LOVE instead of all the HATE that is taught by the ORG. peaceandlove paulnotsaul

  • jamiebowers

    What a perfect way to create a new community for yourselves! Good for you guys! I'm glad to hear it.

  • TimothyT

    Yes, well done. :)

    I did exactyl the same thing for the first time yesterday too. I have never been to a church other than the JWs before for a normal meeting or sermon, and i found it TOTALHY refreshing to listen about Jesus and be welcomed by people who are not interested in the kind of person you are.


    Timmy xxx

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    paulnotsaul: "Conform or be cast out" should be the byline of the WT. LOL Keep your children surrounded by people who value and love them. Unfortunately we raised our boys in the cult. Now that they are adults they are having a great struggle because they are now aware of the lies they have grown up with. With children of their own and wives still indoctrinated their struggles have been compounded.

    jamiebowers: Thank you for your continued support.

    TimothyT: Unconditional love and acceptance is something we are not used to as JWs. I know for myself I need to learn to reciprocate that love and acceptance after 37 years of being judgemental.

  • WTWizard

    Seems that church is doing better than the Kingdumb Hell. Its numbers seem to be going up--attendance at many Kingdumb Hells has been going down.

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