who saw/ is going to see the SMURFS movie?

by RADHESYAM 3 Replies latest jw friends


    my fiancee went today with his son.

    Just wondering how many of u went to see it or are planning to?

    I have no interest in another 3d mass marketed film per se - but its SMURFS!!

    the rebellious part of me wants to go see it JUST BECAUSE IM FREE TO DO SO!!

  • EmptyInside

    I think I'll pass. I don't have kids,and there are so many other good movies out now. I really wasn't too crazy about the smurfs the first tme around.

  • mamamo

    Yes, just thinking about how all those Dubs won't go because the Smurfs are possessed! It was hilarious back then and it is still hilarious. I always loved the story about the kid who took one in on a Sunday morning and the Smurf doll got up and walked out of the KH. But no I will not be going to see the movie. My ex husband's nickname was Smurf and that is the reason I stay away from them.

  • Botzwana

    I bought all of the characters in the recent McDonalds happy meal line. I will see it when it comes out on DVD at a cheap price.

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