Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Midweek Night

by Simon Morley 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    I notice how periodically the WT and/or Awake! portray inactive JW's as selfishly spending their time washing their Ferarri's on a Saturday morning or jetting off, excutive class, to Cabo San Lucas.... Since leaving what have you done with your time? It would be nice for new and/or lurkers see that we are not all involved in some Bacchanalian activity.

    I have volunteered for a couple of not-for-profit charity boards and joined a volunteer group that helps people with English and Math.


  • drewcoul

    I think one thing the WTS wants people to think is that once people leave the organization, their lives become worthless. They don't have gainful employment, don't contribute to society, don't have happy family lives, and they get involved in drugs, crime, and excessive alcohol.

  • mamamo

    I have been in college earning an AA and now a BA. Having fun with my children, yes, amusement parks, Disney World, Busch, Sea World. Bowling on Sunday mornings because it is cheaper. Occasionally traveling, sometimes working. And yes, I do volunteer locally when I never did as a JW.

    Of course, right after I left there were some Sunday mornings that I was recovering from the night before. What can I say, I was 25 and tired of being a good girl. But no drugs, except alcohol.

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