Instruction Manual for Life

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  • skeeter1

    I saw this on another JW forum, and thought it summed me (and likely you) up WITHOUT using religion or JWs.

    Instruction Manual for Life [cc]

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    Uploaded by TheraminTrees on Dec 22, 2008

    piano score written/performed by QualiaSoup

  • sizemik

    Nice vid . . . things are seen so much more clearly when presented in their simplest form. And it puts the blame on the problem not the people.

    Reminds me of the words of a song I quite like . . .

    Every Generation

    Blames the one before

    All of their frustrations

    Come beating on your door

    I know that I'm a prisoner

    To all my Father held so dear

    I know that I'm a hostage

    To all his hopes and fears

    I just wish I could have told him

    In the living years

    Thanks for the post

  • skeeter1
    skeeter1 goes to another video, and it's really good too.

    The video I first posted was about building a cubby box. The second video is about the insanity of God. It's super good. Pay attention around 9:34, especially.

  • stuckinarut2
    Bumping for a new overlapping "generation" of forum members....
  • talesin

    I have my two of my own, and they are always on the shelf of 'reading room' material if a visitor wishes to peruse them.  *I kid you not*  Oh, and a volume of Frost as well, for those more pastoral moments.  : )

    I have the paper back version of this,



    And the hard cover of this,



    "A new handbook for the perplexed."

  • fiddler

    Thankyou for bumping these! Although I was around 5 years ago, I missed this.

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