The Watchtower Corporation's biggest opponent and enemy ....Itself

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  • thetrueone

    Do you agree with that statement ?

    Over the long term of this religious organization and its evolution there has been many proclamations made as well many pieces

    of published literature directly attached to those proclamations. The question remains, will these invalid proclamations finally start

    the tearing down process of this organization and begin a falling away of its body of devoted followers ?

    As today it was just out improbable fate that the inter-net came about, full of unknown information about the people who were

    the founding fathers of the WTS. and the Jehovah Witnesses organization. Quite frankly I was stunned of learning about C Russell's

    wacky Pyramidology ideology when I first read about it on the Web, to be only further shocked by J Rutherford's Beth Sarin estate

    which he lived in himself and the prestigious lifestyle that this guy had embraced. Even though I was brought up in this faith from a child

    I had devoloped a sense that there was some serious bullshit coming out of the Headquarters of this religious organization.

    So whats your personal opinion on where the WTS. is heading ?

    Will the Watchtower finally collapse over on to itself, morphing into another carefully designed religious faith without the name plate

    of the WTS. by its side ? Keeping in mind of this organization's wealth of over a billion + dollars US worldwide in real estate assets.

    Your thoughts ?

  • Vanderhoven7

    It's second biggest enemy is it's own literature. ;o)

  • LostGeneration

    I agree they are their own worst enemy, simply because of what they claim. Anytime someone says they are the messiah or just a level below, the mouthpiece for God, their claim is going to undergo some scrutiny.

    Most people who end up here start by questioning something in the literature that either contradicts the bible, or contradicts a previous teaching. The WTS now has a 130 year record of supposedly speaking for God, so when they trot out a new "generation change" or an "blood fraction" adjustment, they risk waking up some in the slumbering flock. Many were woken up by the 95 generation thing, I can think of a few here because of the "overlapping generation" stuff.

    I'm anticipating a few in the next few weeks to show up here after the WT is studied about apostates. Its like saying "Don't think about pink elephants!" it has the opposite effect on many. So simply by shouting from the rooftops "Don't listen to apostates!" you are going to rouse the curiosity of some and they will begin to wonder "What the hell are they hiding from me?" Yes the reinforcement may keep a good portion away, but I think they are pretty stupid for even calling attention to it the way they do in this weekend's WT study.

    "Apostates" won't be their undoing in the end, it will be their long, long record of getting it all wrong every time.

  • thetrueone

    I'm guessing in the future the WTS/JWS will do away with the Watchtower label, distancing themselves from this identity all together,

    only to create or morph itself into a new identity, perhaps changing to God's Divine Light or something similar as a namesake to replace the old stale

    Watchtower. The Watchtower has become burgeoned with old weakly devised doctrines that were made strategically to sustain the organization

    over the many years of its continuing existence.

    Those old doctrines have become a dragging anchor now for any newly interested one who are just sticking their head in the door, so to speak.

    With any religious organization there has to be a semblance of viability seen by the public to draw interest.

    The newly transpired age of information has changed the game a little for the WTS., particularly so when this organization was founded on such

    suspicious and precariously weak foundation.

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