What is life on this planet

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  • Decided

    I've been thinking about life and what it means. I see life of all kinds and wonder what is life about. Did a God make all the kinds of life there is? If a God did make it all where did all the bad stuff like parasites, germs, viruses come from? Cancer is so often a part of life or death so why is it here?

    Nothing makes sense in this life. We live a few years, get old and ware out and then die. All life does the same thing, live a few years and then die. Sex is so much a part of all life that it rules your life for a few years, animals and humans. Plant life is the same. Every form of life depends on some other life to stay alive.

    Life can be beautiful or bad, depending on the way it goes. Sometimes we can control it and sometimes we can't.

    Religion can be the main reason for living when we read an old book written by some humans who lived thousands of years ago that isn't very easy to understand and is filled with so many things that don't make any sense. This God needs our worship or he will kill us or torture us forever in some fire some where we have never seen. He is so loving though that he made his son die a horible death so he could forgive us for something we didn't do when he put the tree there to test his creation. He also made the Devil who didn't pan out as a good son but went bad.

    Why can't we blame him for making such a bad bunch of creatures that don't work like he wants. I'm just sort of disapointed in it all. I,m depressed lately with all the crap that is comming my way now that I,m 75 years old with no way to change anything.

    I know, all you christains will say just accept Christ and it all will be fine. How can you prove any of the crap that you believe? Wasn't Christ comming back soon? I guess soon wasn't a human word then, it was a divine meaning. I know, I will know pretty soon when I die.

    Y'all have fun.

    Ken P.

  • james_woods

    Those are pretty much the same questions that got every religion human kind has ever known started.

    None of those religions have satisfactorily answered them, IMHO.

  • d

    A series of pain and suffering.

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