What is the "Analysis Report" (S-10) form that CO's request from COBOE's?

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  • cattails

    I've heard of an S-10 form that elders are to have filled in called an "Analysis Report"...

    What is the "Analysis Report" (S-10) form that CO's request from COBOE's?

    What information is requested? Does it evaluate other elders and MS's and people with responsibilities in the congregations or the physical status of the KH itself?

    Who fills it out and why do CO's need to see it on their visit?

    Anyone who's been out recently or still has access to the JW.org site that has the forms could you provide some of this info?

  • flipper

    BTTT, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    Perhaps some former elder or former C.O or D.O. could answer this question for Cattails perhaps ?? Thanks.

  • Intel

    Every form that starts with an "S" is related to....you guessed it: "Service" it goes to a specific section of the Service Department of every Branch. The S-10 is just a bunch of statistics, averages of hours, mags placed, average attendances at the KH. It does not evaluate elders or even ministerial servants. It also repeats the personal data of the Coordinating Overseer (former Presiding Overseer) and the Secretary. Nothing sexy there.

    If something "hot" comes up or a Elder or MS has to be reevaluated, the CO will go into great lenghts to do an extra letter, where he describes and writes a text about said "situation". It can be from totally boring like

    "Brother Pisserson has severe problems in the congregation, because his service averages are below 10 hours and he is also not conducting his family study every Monday."

    To outright red-flashing-light-district-descriptions like:

    "Brother SexyClassy slowly pushed her G-string down to reveal....."

    Usually they are advised to not write "too graphically" but not all follow "the instructions" ....

  • Shador
  • Shador
  • Shador

    Ok, trying this with Firefox, as my postings from IE are showing up blank. It is basically an inventory: how many publishers, pioneers, Elders, MS, inactive, reactivated, etc.

    I can provide a copy if you want.

    Edit: Seems to work in Firefox. If admins could delete the two blanks, thank you.

  • Iamallcool

    Shador, I see that you are from South Carolina, do you know the Hawas? PM me. I have not heard from them for years.

  • unshackled

    Dang...was hoping it would be more interesting than that. Like a "Minority Report" where the elders use precrime to find out before someone commits a sin.
    Bro Sneaky is about to watch some soft porn on his computer and rub one out....then crash!...two elders rappel off the roof thru the window. Busted. Hall cleaning for 6 months.

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