"The Value of an Educated Person" (an article I bet the WT won't use at their next DC...)

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  • Kudra

    Here are a few relevant quotes...

    "Today's students require a bevy of skills beyond their primary area of study. They need to write and speak well, embrace technology, understand personal and organizational financial management, relate to people of diverse backgrounds and have the skills to change careers during economic downturns or when particular industries decline."

    "Every emerging power across the globe shares a unifying trait - they are investing in research universities and using the American system as a model."

    "In these competitive times, we absolutely need to boost the ranks of educated people, who will be integral in providing solutions to the problems facing our society."

    And the url for the whole article:


    (it *was* written by the pres of an American university so there may be a little bias :-P)

  • Kudra

    Actually I could see how they would twist that last quote I pasted in...

    "Yes brothers, these educated men of the world see thier own Satanic institutions of higher learning as the ONLY solution to the problems that plague the world today! WE know the value of a SPIRITUAL education which teaches us the TRUE THEOCRATIC solution to the problems in this old Satanic system of things!!"

    *wild applause*

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I don't see the dichotomy between "educated" and "theocratic." The priest was usually the most educated person in town and helped people with a broad range of issues. There is tension between "self-reliant thinker" and "cult." We talk about formal education, which is important, but an illiterate person can be educated with critical thinking skills. St. Thomas comes to mind. Besides the author of the Gospel of John, Thomas is my favorite apostle. Jesus accepted his doubting. Thomas was not kicked out into the wilderness. Jesus actually showed him wounds and let him touch them to confirm his belief. If Thomas believed something, it was more credible.

    Legend teaches he ended up in India. I'd like to learn more about that Christian culture. Those churches are so old.

  • flipper

    KUDRA- Interesting quotes from the article. Thanks. I agree that people these days have to be willing to diversify their educational background as it will assist them to be more flexible in job hunting in these rconomically depressive times. The old " jack of all trades , master of some of them " type deal. As regards the " American system " as a model. Well, yeah right. We've seen how THAT american dream is working the last several years, eh ? That's why people need to diversify and broaden their skills to have income earning possibilities

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