Dutch government party D66 want to ban brainwashed sects in The Netherlands

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  • Dutch-scientist

    Begin this year there was a TV program in the Netherlands where a guy goes undercover in a sect and show what is going on. Now this government party D66 want to ban sects who do brainwashing.

    In our country there is an sect listwhich is 30 years old and outdated. They start to investigate all the sects in The netherlands. I know that the experts and officials JW's see as sects in our country.

    JW's violate a lot of brainwashed items to keep their members and punisch them who want to leave.

    I will keep you informed about the news from this small country in Europe. :)


  • Intel

    How will they define "brainwashing"? The WTBCrooks know how to talk themselves out of shit, "whitewashing" things ....so I wouldn't expect too much of this in regards to the JW's.

  • John Locke
    John Locke

    Hi Dutch-scientist,

    Glad to meet you here. I also live in the Netherlands... Although not baptized was pretty heavily involved in this religion... Now looking for a smooth way to leave. Could you please tell me the name of the program that you mensioned? Maybe I can find it somewhere on the internet...


    John Locke

  • Dutch-scientist

    I think they will go for the point that everyone is free to choose and leave an religion. For leaving as JW the organisation is very hard to do.

    There are several matters but keep in mind that the dutch have an free mind of lifestyle. think about the free softdrugs and already years ago that lesbians can marriage. Now we have an big investigation in Child abuse on all levels and now seems religion abuse by sects or organisations are now under investigation.

    Now you are right the WTS will defend themself by any cost. Thats why witnesses cannot see TV topics when someone goes undercover and show or make an report about shunning and Disfellowshipping. They Brainwash their members that they cannot be warned by our government or other parties.

    Now the comming Watchtowers are priceless. I hope they can use it.


  • Dutch-scientist

    Hi John,

    Its today in our Metro newspaper and also AD. Now news sites in Dutch for young people like geenstijl.nl linked this fully to JW's

    A guy named alberto Stegeman who infiltrated the sect Miracle of Love bring things above that our government want to take action.

    It seems that Ex sect helping organisations has a lot ex JW's in their consulting program.


  • sizemik

    There appears to be a growing awareness and backlash against the anti-social fallout from sects and high-control religious groups in a number of countries . . . I hope it continues.

    Netherlands . . . lead the way.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    People worldwide are sick and tired of extremism in all its forms. For a long long time moderate-minded people have been on the sidelines letting the extremists set the agenda to the right and left of them. I see that changing. We're waking up and slowly we're going to realize we're the vast majority and stop allowing the fringe kooks to take the lead on this planet.

  • JeffT

    I'm more afraid of a government telling people what they can or can't think, than I am of a religion that tells people what they can or can't think.

    The Soviet Union got pretty good at this before it went down, they didn't put dissenters in jail, they put mentally disturbed people in homes where they wouldn't bother the rest of society. Of course their homes for the mentally disturbed featured barbed wire and guards with machine guns.

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