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  • Cyruse

    OK, I am aware there is people here who have strong opinions about the WTB, and all things entailing that. What I am confused by is threads dealing with athiesm, evolution, and other non christian topics being viewed as viable and worth discussing on this board. They may very well worth discussing, but I was under the impression that this was a board revolving around jehovahs witnesses. I even just seen a thread telling some dude to STFU with his preaching cause most people here think the bible is a superstious piece of crap. Your opinion is your opinion and your entitled to it, but what in the heck is that type of opinion doing on this board? and alot of people applauded you. I am not surprised when i see threads about the GB being this and that, but where does bashing the bible and supporting non christian beliefs have a place on this board? Can you see my point? It seems that this population of people needs to migrate to a different place.

    Somebody please explain to me how threads like the above ones make any sense on this board. It is the same as if I personally joined a Golfing forum and made threads about knitting and threads about golf not being a real sport. You wouldnt think I would last long.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    The Watchtower is anti-athiesm, anti-evolution, and anti-non christian, so I don't see any problem.



  • fokyc
    but I was under the impression that this was a board revolving around jehovahs witnesses.

    I think it may be you who is confused; the forum revolves around, mainly, EX JW's and those who are in the process of leaving.

    The topics you mention; do have a legitimate place here!

    Just check out the Home page for the place to post anything you want.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    This isn't the Kingdom Hall. Here you are allowed to have opinions and beliefs different to others.

    Just like the real world.

  • sizemik
  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    The board centres around Ex JWs

    As ex JWs we have all followed or rather, created our own paths post watchtower. Some have lost all faith in 'god', the bible and people. Others have stayed with the concept of christianity in other churches, some just dont know what to believe anymore. When some discover the very fabric of their lives has all been a lie, it makes them question everything and that includes the bible and evolution. Do you seriously think that every body who leaves or is kicked out of the JWs still believes the bible and christianity?

    As for people preaching, well most have had enough of preaching, so when they come here only to find, as we do, several people claiming to be christ or sent by him with special knowledge of the end time or whatever, then fuses run short and its no surprise they get told to shut up. The more moderate christians on here have gained the respect of many by their posts as opposed to some who , i am afraid to say, appear to be nuts.

    Another point to consider is that here, whether some like it or not, pretty much no subject is tabboo. Especialy discussed is anything the Watchtower forbade such as free thinking. That includes being critical of the bible itself. If it cannot stand up to critique, it has no place being considerd the holy book it claims to be, it must be disected along with every other subject.

    If you dont like a thread subject you dont have to read it.

    Anything to do with getting on with life after being a JW is fair subject. You have no idea what a help this forum and its diversity has been and is to people. 6 posts and you are critizing? Not a good way to endear yourself i am afraid. Perhaps if it is a pro bible and pro creation forum you are after then maybe you are on the wrong one...

    anyway, welcome and please stay and learn.


  • inbetween

    the core believes of JW (and many other religions) is the existence of God and the trueness of his word the bible.

    Therefore anything related to it is quit fitting to discuss here.

    However, I also disagree with some users bashing others simply for their belief or current viewpoint, they miss the respect and often, maybe because they really got hurt with this religion (cult) of JW, attack ferociously anything that is in agreement with JW, even a belief in God or the bible. This behaviour I do not appreciate either.

    But most know how to behave and argue based on facts or good reasons.

    just my 2 cents,


  • sizemik

    Maybe Oz's point on preaching is worth repeating . . .

    As you acknowledged in your opening comment . . . this is a discussion board where opinions are expressed and exchanged. Sometimes things get overheated but not that often. Some express their opinion with humor or sarcasm so it pays not to be too thin skinned.

    Preaching is a different story. Some have chosen to simply spew out lengthy posts with evangelistic fervour and with no intention of holding a reasoned debate. They are seeking to convert rather than discuss and opine reasonably. Some come across as totally bats. On the other hand, there are a number of people of the Christian faith here including current JW's who do not fit this description, and whose opinions are valued and treated seriously. This is not however, an exclusively "Christian" website. It's for Ex-Jw's of all types and beliefs.

    Give yourself some time and get a feel for things . . . there is much value to be found here.

  • discreetslave

    It's all good. There are those who believe, those who don't, and those in between. We all agree to disagree. I'm Christian yet most of my facebook friends aren't. Variety is the spice of life. If you only want Christian discussion I suggest this site

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