Sayonara (Good-bye) - Off Course (Kazumasa Oda, 1982)

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  • possible-san

    Sayonara (Good-bye) - Off Course (Kazumasa Oda, 1982)


  • Kensei01

    Hi possible san, just thought I would say hi. Where in Japan are you? Are you currently a jw or have you truly embraced your true membership in the"land of the martial spirit"? I ask from the standpoint of one who wishes to be part....although as a "gaijin" I would always be the "nail who must be beaten down"..

  • ohiocowboy

    Hi Possible San! The guy has a beautiful voice! Is he really famous in Japan? What type of genre would his music be considered? Thank you for sharing something from your culture. I love many things that come from Japan, such as the music, Mothra, and even Godzeera! lol

    I have friends that live in Japan, and I would love to visit them one day. The pictures that I have seen of your country are absolutely magnifiscent!

    please feel free to share more!

  • possible-san


    I have not said my address in such a public forum.
    I live in the "Kanto plains."
    I am an ex-JW.

    Well, I can not make out the meaning of the "land of the martial spirit."
    What does it mean?


    Even now, he (Kazumasa Oda) is a very famous singer in Japan.

    With regard to "Mothra and Godzilla", in Japan, even if they are famous, they are NOT popular.
    Probably, in Japan, the Ultraman series is more popular.
    For many Japanese, Godzilla is not a hero, but Ultraman is a hero.
    But, possibly, 50 to 60-year-old Japanese people may love them.

    Well, I think that Japan is one of the safest countries in the world.
    Please visit Japan again someday.

    I must learn English more, and if I can, I would like to guide you.

    Tabidachi Nishi e - Chihiro Onitsuka://


  • ohiocowboy

    PossibleSan, Thank you for the explanation of Mr. Oda and his music!

    Your English skills are very good, in fact they are much better than many of us here who have been raised speaking the language!

    I would love for you to show us your country one day!

    Take care, and I will be listening to more Japanese music, I really like it!


  • NewChapter

    Very Pretty. My exhusband lived in Japan for 6 years and my daughter has studied the language for 11 years.


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