She agrees completely - still doesn't get it - maybe she does - I just don't know

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  • irondork

    I've been dropping little factoids about the WTS's history, failed predictions, new light, current interpretations, lawsuits, etc... My housemate hears all this, agrees that it's messed up but it doesn't phase her.

    Difference in perspective. I was a born-in. My thinking on religion has been molded my whole life to recognize false religion and run from it once identified. Add the personal violations I have endured and the ripping apart of the family and it brings it to a personal level causing me to react with anger at first, followed by a strong determination to keep clear of it for myself and then help others out of the "burning house". When I see and present a pile of evidence regarding that church and my listener agrees with me... I guess I expect a different reaction. Not, "I have to get ready for meeting now" or "I'm going out in service tomorrow."

    She was baptized five years ago. She has since told me that when she was being studied with she noticed and (silently) questioned the beating of the obey-the-society-or-you-won't-make-it drum and some other things, but decided to file it away in the "Doesn't affect me" file, in favor of just learning more about the bible and wanting to have a relationship with God. The information that I bring to her, we talk about it. Calmly. She absorbs it, agrees with me, has stated repeatedly, "I don't know what kept you going back to meetings for as long as you did." (anti-gay issues)

    I know for a certainty she only has one person at the Hall she really considers a friend, and I don't blame her. I adore her friend also. She's super awesome and has no stomach for this shunning crap, as she has come over to visit a couple times since my DA. (But she has to be careful, her huzzband is a MS.) The only other person my housemate talks to is the older sister who used to study with her. Aside from the coming and going pleasantries, she has no other ties that bind... and I know this for a certainty. She has told me as much and I believe her.

    We read the bible together once or twice a week and talk about various points. Sometimes these topics (not even WTS topics - just the bible) can last way past our bedtime. We enjoy that. She, WE, are getting spiritual food - directly from the source it SHOULD come.

    Am I missing something? I'm so afraid to push her too hard that I possibly tip-toe too much. I don't know how to understand her indifference vs. her lack of WTS connection (so far as I am able to percieve) vs. her enjoyment of our own study and conversations.

    Input, please!

  • punkofnice
    Am I missing something?

    No you're not.

    What we have here is a clear case of ''JW doublethink''.

    My wife and Mom BOTH prefer to stay asleep in dubby dreamworld rather than face reality Perhaps she feels safe in delusions.

    I was born in too and have seen this many times.

    You have 'cast your bread upon the water'.................maybe wait for it to return?

    Because the truth about the ''trooooooth'' is so blindingly obvious to we conscious ones we find it hard to get why others won't see it.

    It reminds me of how, as a JW, I couldn't understand why non JWs or those that left didn't see it my way. Surely, they MUST know it's the 'troooth'? is what I thought.

    Time alone will tell as Bob Marley sang.

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