Moses listened to his father in law, the priest of Mid'i?an

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  • Quarterback

    Here is the thing...Moses was the Mediator....almost every survivor that came out of Egypt had some issues with him...they all got punished, unless they towed the line

    Then in the Genesis account, it mentions, Habor, Moses' father in law comes for a visit....They have a great greeting...then Habor gives Moses

    a sugestion ....without being struck by leprousy...What's up with that? A Medianite gives Moses a suggestion, and it flies.

  • NewChapter

    LOL. He was a priest wasn't he? I always found it odd too. Why did Moses need this Midianite to help him out when he had a direct line to God? I didn't think about the priestly pagan aspect of it until now though.


  • Quarterback

    It says that while Moses was 40 years in Midian...that is where he heard about the story of Job. Probably heard it from his Father in law, Habor, the Midianite priest. This is really interesting history.

  • Quarterback

    My appologies, the father in law is named, Jethro. Still a priest in Midian. There was some confusion with the brother in law named, Habor, and Jethro in some reference when using a scout for the promised land....Hard to keep it together.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Jethro is a more common name. Or was it only b/c of the Beverly Hillbillies. I want to read the OT more carefully. It seems chock full of interesting things. Melchizedek is another interesting figure. YHWH had dealings with others.

    I saw a PBS special on Genesis and archaeology. Israel is littered with altars to YHWH and female goddesses. The two are linked. They were married. These are clear fertility goddesses. They showed many examples on the TV show.

    Not your standard JW or fundamentalist story line. People's debris tells the true story.

    I always wondered why Israel constantly went back to gold calves,etc. when YHWH performed such cool miracles.

  • blondie

    The Jews were related to the Midianites. After Sarah died Abraham remarried a woman named Keturah. Midian was one of her sons by Abraham.

  • Quarterback

    Yes, I also found that interesting too, Blondie.

    How strange that the Medianites stayed close to Mt Horeb, where Moses had the conversation with Jah, yet, the Israelites had been away from their land, and treated as slaves for centuries.

    Later on they fought each other. Abraham did become father to many nations, but, they sure didn't get along. I blame those women that his children married. They were pagan you know.

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