What is Apostasy?

by Fernando 2 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Fernando

    Has anyone noticed how religionists redefine apostasy so that it can never apply to them?

    According to religionists an apostate is anyone who leaves the Watchtower.

    According to God however an apostate is anyone who follows the Watchtower.

    This is an act spiritual unfaithfulness or prostitution - following a pseudo-mediator or VISIBLE golden calf instead of the greater Moses namely Jesus.

  • Fernando

    If one digs deep enough in the Watchtower library it is hidden there, just search for:

    • aposta* unfaithful* (using both sentence scope, and paragraph scope)
    • prostit* (display most occurrences, and Bible only, see 37 hits in Ezekiel)
  • stillstuckcruz

    I agree. I've been looking through every occurence of apostacy and they make every single one out to horrible, evil, mentally diseased people bent on tearing down the "truth" from others. Little do they know....

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