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  • Lets Think
    Lets Think

    So Paragraph 5 of today’s Watchtower says: “People with faith see clearly the difference between the baseless claims of men and the sacred promises of Jehovah God

    Then I thought of every pre 1995 Awake inside cover page in the box where it say Why the Awake is Published; Where it says:

    Most important, this magazine build’s confidence in the Creators promise of a peaceful and secure new world before the generation that saw the events of 1914 passes away.

    So this got be thinking are they people of Faith? Do they know what Gods promises are? Then I realized that I need an MRI because clearly to be thinking these things I must be diseased mentally as next weeks article points out.

    Is it just me?

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  • TimothyT

    The thing is, paragraph 5 is EXACTLY right. That is why 7 million JWs cannot see through the rubbish of the WTS... because they have no faith. In my old congregation, very few actualy knew anything about the bible and their 'faith' was based upon the faith of those taking the lead. Very few were truly spiritual. People who trust in Jesus as their saviour are usualy the ones who appreciate Gods promises.

    Next weeks Watchtower is VERY funny i think. The WTS totaly contradicts itself. It mentions in paragraph 5:

    "apostates use “counterfeit words,” or false arguments, trying to pass their fabricated views as if they were true. They spread “deceptive teachings,” “twisting . . . the Scriptures” to fit their own ideas."

    Then in paragraph 7 they say:

    "We also love Jehovah’s organization, through which we have been taught thrilling truths—including Jehovah’s name and its meaning, God’s purpose for the earth, the condition of the dead, and the hope of the resurrection. Can you recall how you felt when you first learned these and other precious truths? Why, then, allow yourself to be soured by anyone who would denigrate the organization through which you learned these truths?—John 6:66-69."

    THAT IS THE BIGGEST TWISTING OF SCRIPTURE I HAVE EVER SEEN! John 6:68 speaks about Jesus having the knowledge and sayings of everlasting life. All that knowledge comes from the bible... not the Watchtower, but they have twisted it and with a false argument. How pious. They should first extract the rafter from their own eye.

    Timmy x

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  • Bella15

    WHAT? "Including Jehovah's name and its meaning"???? they sound like if they were the ones to whom God's name was revealed ...

  • Lets Think
    Lets Think

    Timothy T,, exactly,, you are right,, that is the whole issue we "Do Not put our trust in earthling man" including those who claim to interpert to us What Gods promises are. The point I was making of course is these "Men of Faith" GB F&DS have failed in the past understanding what gods timing and purpose is. So what conclsuion should thinking people come up with. Conclusion: the bible tells us "Do Not put your trust in earthling man" this would include the GB F&DS, they are earthling man last I checked.

  • dogon

    The statement you make is a false premise. Faith by definition is to believe without evidence. You don't need evidence to believe in something with faith. It is bull shit from the get go. What religion is saying is that I believe that Jesus is coming because I want to and its not because I have seen or can prove anything. One can have faith in any religion, this is why I had to go out side the bible and see if the bible itself had any base in fact. When I found its mostly bull shit I had to doubt all religion unless it could prove some base in fact. And fact must be substantial not that the bible or Koran said a city existed and archeology found that city. That’s like saying that since Troy was found Medusa must have turned men to stone with a look their way. That would be stupid and its just as stupid to say Jesus was the son of god and born of a virgin because some city the bible mentions is found. If god wants us to believe in him why not show himself to his children? If god exists he is a dead beat dad not a god of infinite wisdom. To debate the bible with the Witnesses to me if futile and worth little. It is a lot like debating with a child which is better the Easter bunny or Santa Claws, it does not matter who wins as the whole argument is flawed from the start. Debating fictional characters is for the mentally ill and children who have not fully formed their critical thinking.

  • punkofnice

    “People with faith see clearly the difference between the baseless claims of men and the sacred promises of Jehovah God”

    'clearly' - Stereotypical WTB$ propaganda word!

    'baseless claims of men' - What claims? Sweeping generalization. Strawman....what else? Fallacy of Nonconcreteness? I dunno, but it's PROPAGANDIST 'MIND CLEANSING' - "Minds must be cleansed" (Watchtower, June 1, 1953, p. 350 par. 24).

    Jar Hoover sacred mystical manipulation and appeal to authority blah blah!

    Again the 'US vs: THEM' polarized JW mentality!

    Never mind, perhaps Jar Hoover will destroy them with cosmic rays of antimatter!! How happifying!

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