AFTER baptism what happens next??

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  • trailerfitter

    Hi Again,... yet another set of searching questions about the workings of the organisation from an outsider...hope you don't mind.

    What happens to a member once baptised? Do they have a full personality removal and WT chip installed??

    No seriously,...What are their responsibiliies and what if any,...planned route in the organisation. I am under the impression that a baptism is a special event and not held at the KH> This member to get baptised is a woman?

  • DagothUr

    Once baptized, the newbie receives his own copy of "Organized to do Jehovah's will" and he is expected to fill out as soon as possible his blood directive. A period of love bombing and field service requirements follows in order to see how far the newbie can be "stretched". If he is stupid enough, he will act responsably and with zeal and qualify himself as "pioneer material". If he is smart, he will take responsabilities inside the congo, cleaning, reading, carrying the microphones, helping with the restoration of the KH and doing just the minimum in FS. He may become, in this way, "MS material". If the newbie is dumb as hell, he will be over-zealous and become both "pioneer and MS material". Slowly, he will learn all the things that were not told to him before baptism: he is not allowed to lick his wife's slit, nor to give her the banana to play with; he is not allowed to talk to his DF relatives, he is not allowed to wear a beard (in some areas); he is not allowed to go to college (or his will lose all privileges if he does); he is not allowed to wear, eat, drink and f...k anything else than the Society allows him to and in a manner approved by the Society. By this time, he is already an under-educated zombie, ready to be appointed MS. Now in order to go elder, the newbie must do 2 more things: kiss the overseer's ass in every occasion possible and prove to the organization that he is willing to kiss every ass which is above him, hierarchically. Only after that he can become elder.

    At one point in his life, the newbie may feel the need to shake loins. He is not allowed to have sex except with a sister and only after they get married. If he is stupid beyond the law, he will pick not the sexiest sister, but the "most spiritual" (which usually is either fat or ugly or both).

    And form now on he will not have kids, because he must dedicate his entire time to Jehovah and to his organization. (Armaggeddon is so close, just behind the corner!). He will spend all he has and he will spend himself in field service and ass kissing until the day he dies and realizes there is no Jehovah and no new world and he was just a dumb f..k exploited by a ruthless group of old men. This is the only moment in the newbie's life when he actually does something useful with his mind. THE END.

  • meangirl

    Wow such eloquent writing DagothUR..... Also I love how there is no stereotyping of "spiritual" sisters in your comment labeling them as all ugly and Now, you are writing from a complete male perspective as one who is baptized but it is trailerfitter's WIFE who is studying.....So trailerfitter as an ex ugly and fat spiritual JW "sister" as DagothUR referred to......let me tell you how it will be for your wife. The only "privilege" she can reach out for is to pioneer as she does not have the right plumbing (i.e. penis) to carry a microphone, conduct a field service meeting or anything else that would put her in a "teaching position." She will probably join the theocratic ministry school where it is perfectly acceptable for her to "teach" another sister as long as they are facing each other and not the congregation (even though the whole congregation is listening in and learning from what your wife is saying up on the stage). She will probably receive alot of attention because of the fact you are an "unbeliever" and everyone will love to listen to her tell how she is being "persecuted" by you. On the plus side since women have no rights in the org and you are her "husbandly owner" and "head" when she needs an excuse not to do something she can just say "my husband does not want me to do so and so." For example, in one of my old congregations there was a sister with an unbelieving mate and she loved to say during the field service meeting that he "will not allow her to go into "black neighborhoods"....even though she was really a racist pig and I think got a turn on by stirring the pot and having controversy.

    So your wife will have the best of both worlds where at the hall she can be love bombed and get plenty of attention since you are "not in the truth" but she can also use you as an excuse not to attend certain functions if she does not want to etc. She will be expected to attend 2 meetings a week and be out in field service as much as possible but just remember you will be her "out" and excuse not to do as much as she can.

  • Honesty
    If the newbie is dumb as hell, he will be over-zealous and become both "pioneer and MS material".

    Now I know why my super JW ex called me "dumb as hell" a lot.

  • Mary

    Immediately after baptism, you are dropped like a hot potatoe as you can no longer be counted as time or a bible study on someone's field serve-us report. They've moved on to the next potential victim bible study and you're on your own. Of course, if you want to be invited out to other high profile Witlesses homes for socializing, then you'll be expected to be at all the meetings, out banging on doors at every opportune moment and carve out for yourself a niche in the pecking order.

  • carla

    You become a superdub, self-righteous asshole for quite some time. Then you realize you are just a piece of garbage not worth crap (unless you catch the eye of an elderette, MS, or elder who likes you and you get popular standing within the cong) so you become frightful at everything including your own shadow, depressed, health or mental issues but if your lucky you may somewhat get over your depression and go along with the program to keep peace with your family, not be looked down upon by the cong and to keep that 'what if their right' card in your pocket so you don't get destroyed at the big A just in case they have it right.

    Eventually it turns into a social outlet for you seeing as they frown upon any real social life and a habit you are afraid to break or look into for fear of losing all you have invested in the org. You will find you have given the best years of your life to the org, alienated friends and family, spent countless hours in fs & meetings and told all who will (and those who don't want to) listen to you how great the org is and how right it is. Then you find yourself old and on your deathbed wondering 'how the hell did this happen??!!! the big A was supposed to come before I croaked!' and depression sets in again.

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