AFTER baptism what happens next??

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  • trailerfitter

    Hi Again,... yet another set of searching questions about the workings of the organisation from an outsider...hope you don't mind.

    What happens to a member once baptised? Do they have a full personality removal and WT chip installed??

    No seriously,...What are their responsibiliies and what if any,...planned route in the organisation. I am under the impression that a baptism is a special event and not held at the KH> This member to get baptised is a woman?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    It didn't used to be all that special an occasion. I've seen them dunked in the bath because it was so close to Armageddon that they felt it wasn't worth the risk of waiting till the convention. They are dead now, old age, cancer etc..

    The personality transplant is over before the baptism. It's not like a swtch is turned on.

    Once they are baptised they must do whatever amount of preaching has been decreed by Jehovah. He decides the amount in Heaven and tells the Governing Body what His decision is using holy spirit, which is sort of like radio waves/electricity, but isn't.

    If they don't do the minimum amount of preaching, all of the previous years of preaching/abstinence/shunning of family/etc. is for nothing if Jehovah's day arrives the next month. In that case, they will be bird food, just like you and every other non-believer and their children.

  • trailerfitter

    Yeah Yeah bird food . I was wondering if they got training on mass body clearance and JCB digger driving. Nuclear power station shut down proceedures etc but I was told Jehovah would take care of all of that after the event.

    So in a nutshell there won't be much change other than obligation?

  • Aussie Oz
  • trailerfitter

    " After all, you are taught that only baptised people have the privilege of unrestricted access to God in prayer, and when you are baptised, you will too". Really?

  • WTWizard

    After baptism, you are supposed to reach out. Usually, you are hounded to auxiliary pio-sneer. Then, regular pio-sneer. Those who are of age are hounded to attend Beth Hell. Men are supposed to become hounders and higher--taking on more accountability to Jehovah.

    Usually, people instead become more and more stagnant after baptism. They are supposed to obey all the rules, and that takes all the fun out of life. Between that and field circus, that becomes their lives. They usually become old and destitute, and often with major health problems before their time, if they stay in the cancer.



  • clarity

    Well, after baptism the depression starts to happen. Suddenly you are not "special" anymore!


    Suddenly, you start being pressured, something about ... 10 hours ....huh?


    Yes, 10 hours every month, every month until the day you die ...or armageddon, (which ever comes first) a small brown piece of paper must be handed in ...with those 10 hours printed on it! Along with "placements" and bible studies and back calls (i know).

    Wouldn't you think somebody should tell you all this BEFORE you take a vow!!!


    Next, you start seeing all the cliques (that you will never break into) and underlying discord you hadn't noticed before.


    If you aren't 2nd or 3rd generation jw, and are not rich .... it's all down hill from there. Sorry!

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