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  • EmptyInside

    Well,I hardly go to meetings,but not too many people in my congregation attend meetings. It's been the local needs.

    I still attend the occassional meeting to keep people off my back. But,fortunately,no one calls when I have been missing.

    Anyway,I attended this Thursday,and I could hardly stomach it. First,there is the awful Kingdom songs,I can't stand the music,let alone the singing.

    And the comments are hard to stomach too. If I was just coming in,I would be freaked out at the constant mention of Satan. Someone made the comment that we are either under Jehovah's control or Satan's control,ugh.

    Now,that my eyes and mind are opened,I can't believe I went along with it for so long. I've been preparing in my mind what to say if the elders ever want to meet with me. I still won't come out and say what I really feel,but I think I'll just say,I need time to think and play the depression card,but,so far,no one bugged me. Family will be harder. But,the pretending has just been too much. I can't do it much longer.

    But,I did make a break through with my mother without really saying a word. And without going into detail,she is starting to see all the pharisaical rules. She told me tonight how she doesn't like three elders in her hall,including the C.O.B.E. She said they are two-faced. That being said,I don't think she will ever leave. She still is quite zealous in the ministry. But,at least,she doesn't bug me about why I don't go out in service anymore.

    But,I'm happier now that at least my mind is totally free and my own. And I make my own choices and am no longer under the thumb of the elders or GB.

  • RayPublisher

    EI - I know how you feel. MANY of us know how you feel. It gets better, it just takes time. Hang in there!

  • trailerfitter

    Hi thanks for posting this and I got a tit bit of information. I am not a member of the church but the partner is. I will not go to the KH but I get to see videos that they make of the sermons unfortunately. I am under the impression that they all lead to the subject of Armaggeddon on every sermon but perhaps I am mistaken??..

    What my partner denies and I know now that you have confirmed it, they think we are under the influence of the Devil..This to me is very important if it is being said at the kingdom hall often they this is what she will be believing.

    I hope things work out for you EI.

  • WTWizard

    About the Satan thing: The witlesses use that to frighten and guilt people into going to boasting sessions and in field circus. If you do not, you are said to be worshiping Satan. You are said to be making Satan happy--guilt. The thought that making Satan happy will pxxx off Jehovah, so you are likely to get destroyed--fear and more guilt.

    Yet, who do they think they are making happy with that rule that you are supposed to abide by and teach a bad doctrine even if you can prove it bad right from their own Bible, until they themselves fix it?

  • NewChapter

    EP, you have a lot of strength. Just the thought of walking through Kingdom Hall doors has my molecules screaming. I honestly don't think I would be able to do it, even for a memorial talk. I'll show up at the funeral home and leave quickly. The simple thought nauseates me. I feel for your pain.


  • carla

    The satan issue- It boggles my mind that jw's and others who see satan everywhere and always out to get you, if there is so much evil everywhere does that mean their (idea of) God has failed? Isn't God supposed to be more powerful than satan? It seems to me they look to humans and their pharasitical laws to protect them from satan. How ridiculous is that? If I do x then satan will leave me alone, if I only do more then maybe, just maybe God will protect me.....

    If there is so much evil in the world wouldn't it make sense that there is a measure of good too? or has their (idea of) God abandoned them until a future date? and then one must ask why an all loving God would do such a thing. Perhaps He is shunning the world to bring them closer?

  • clarity


    Isn't it strange that 'demons' are everywhere ... in old furniture, used clothing, houses, books, people!!


    Funny why jw's only think bad bad bad ... what about all the myriads of good angels?

    Aren't the good angels hanging around too? Why don't they talk about them for a change.

    Wouldn't it be great if your old sofa had good angels living in it!!


  • shamus100

    Stop going asap. Remember, the 'I"m depressed" defense and "leave me alone" works well and you can fade quite successfully by doing so. ;)

  • NewChapter

    Clarity! What an excellent point! It would be wrong to even acknowledge angel activity because that would amount to worship, but DEMONS EVERYWHERE is just fine. I have to think about that point--it's quite profound.

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