Vatican rejects Irish PM child abuse claims - shocker - Pope still south of Cairo

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  • besty

    Does anybody else hear a familiar refrain from an organisation institutionally and systemically corrupt because they believe themselves to the voice of God on earth?

    It said the congregation was not forbidding mandatory reporting, "or in any way encouraging individuals, including clerics, not to co-operate with the Irish civil authorities, let alone disobey Irish civil law".

    The Vatican said that as the Irish government did not make mandatory reporting of suspected abuse cases law at that time, it was difficult how concerns raised in Archbishop's Storero's letter could be construed as having subverted Irish law.

    The Irish government has now committed to tough new child protection in the wake of Cloyne, including making it an offence to withhold information about crimes against children and introducing new vetting to allow "soft information" transfers.

    The Holy See said while it cannot comment on the proposed legislation, it welcomes and supports attempts to protect children.

    Mealy mouthed bastards - kind of fitting that 'mealy mouthed' was first attributed to Martin Luther.

  • blondie

    Follows right along with the WTS policy of only reporting if secular law requires it...not their "godly" conscience. Elders are instructed to call headquarters immediately to find out what they should do regarding an abuse case...Legal asks what state they are in and if the law does not require reporting............goes against what the WTS and the RCC say they follow.

    Paul said humans did not need a written law from God to know what was right and wrong. Adam and Eve had no written law and up until the law was given to the Israelites, no human had a written law from God.

    (Romans 2:14-15) 14 For whenever people of the nations that do not have law do by nature the things of the law, these people, although not having law, are a law to themselves. 15 They are the very ones who demonstrate the matter of the law to be written in their hearts, while their conscience is bearing witness with them and, between their own thoughts, they are being accused or even excused.

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