Is Governing Body Hysteria Just Emotion?

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  • metatron

    The more I read about the Kool Aid Watchtower articles and assembly programs, the more I wonder if most of this reactionary garbage is just triggered by the emotions of thugs like Losch and largely unrelated to general Witness malaise.

    Sure, reading 'apostate' blogs or being too chummy with your df'd kids may increase Witness disaffiliation. But by far, that doesn't begin to capture the core reasons why Witnesses are drifting away and, more importantly, it suggests that the Governing Nazis are grossly blind to how much of a facade their cult has become. For every Witness eating with their 'faded away' kids, there are five others who are smoking, viewing porn, drinking, and acting like 'Worldly People' outside of the Kingdom Hall. They're just faking it and playing safe.

    When you examine the reactionary propaganda of dictators as with Libya or North Korea, I think you see the same blind, egotistical response to human sufferering .... 'how dare they criticize us !'

    Such garbage plays well in the Watchtower Study but ignores the reality of Witness decline. These folks are 'skinned and knocked about' while the Governing Body prates on with ever more personal offense dressed up as the counsel of the Faithful Slave.


  • onemore

    You said it right, they are reacting but not responding. Responding and addressing the real problems with this religion means facing the fact that they are not and never been, the One True Religion.

    As others have mentioned in the past, the current leadership is not blind to the realities of this religion. They know it’s just another pseudo -christian denomination which is evolving into a more secluded and controlling cult.

    They are not willing to face the Jwfacts (pun intended). Because facing them requires humility, sincerity and truth. And a commitment to make amends and humbly say: We are sorry that we have deceived you for so long, we are sorry for the lies, we are sorry for the lives destroyed, and we are for the opportunities lost. And as we know (and have seen) humility and truth are two characteristics that don’t describe the current (and past) leadership of this Organization.

    As long as they continue ignoring the “elephant in the room“, as a group, the JW will continue deteriorating into a sick, life sucking, mind numbing, faith corroding, evil religious cult.


    Unomas en español.

  • Terry

    The basic model of an equation is that the left hand side of the = is the exact equivalent of the right hand side.


    In for a penny; in for a pound. Once you accept the equivalency you are done thinking.

    The gimmick (and that is all it amounts to) of Jehovah's Witnesses is so simple it is laughable.

    It is a series of false equations which act as a chain of premises; each "proving" the next in line.

    Bible=Divine Truth

    Faithful and Discreet Slave=Watchtower leadership

    Mouthpiece of God=Jehovah Directing the Watchtower

    1914=proof of Invisible Jesus doctrine

    Governing Body=direct orders from Jehovah

    Kingdom Hall=Noah's ark

    Now look at those EQUIVALENCES.

    Step back and be skeptical enough to ask reasonable questions.

    BIBLE = human interpretations

    Faithful &Discreet Slave=Maria Russell's crackpot idea

    Mouthpiece of God=Pastor Russell's arrogating himself authority in dealing with critics

    1914=failed Armageddon prediction saved by changing (after-the-fact) all the meanings of WWI

    Governing Body=Watchtower Popes

    Kingdom Hall = community of snitches, watchdogs, dupes and goose-stepping tyranny

    THE TRUTH = Propaganda by repetition of trite phrases

  • paulnotsaul

    Terry, brilliant anaogy. The truth then the realty of it. Terry in the labeling of ourselves, you know, thiest, athiest, agnostic I think it not wrong to label you the ultimate ' Realist '! PeaceTerry paulnotsaul

  • AwareBeing

    Right metatron , our family feels the same way about it.

    Great list Terry, most of us here couldn't have written it better!

    Good point, onemore; those who follow truth are humble.

  • kimbo

    evil internet is killing the watchtower

  • minimus

    There are a number of pseudo-JWs.

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