Does anyone remember Jaffacake (me) ?

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  • jaffacake

    Gosh! This site looks different, but still full of great posts from great people.

    I joined 6 years ago & met fantastic people when I was trying to learn about JWs to stop my best friend being drawn into the Watchtower thing. I learned so much from you guys - thanks. I had to leave the site after a couple of years without making any progress with my friend. I had to stop my research and gave up trying to contact him. I needed to clear my head completely of everything, as it was just too painful and became an obsession, messing up my head and affecting my wife & kids.

    I've re-found this site tonight, and want to tell any old friends that there is a glimmer of hope after all these years. I want to tell those who knew me and my quest that I've suddenly had a couple of texts & emails from my JW friend and we're meeting up tomorrow. Very interesting. I though he considered me too dangerous...

    By the way, I look young on that photo, which must be 10 years old, I'll have to update it.

  • james_woods

    Keep up the good work...welcome back.

    I would leave the photo as it is - that's what I did with mine.

  • ballistic

    We've never met as far as I know, but I remember your ID. Hope it all works out.

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