"Stuff I really liked while growing up in Evangelical Christian culture."

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  • leavingwt

    This YouTube user is no longer a believer, but recalls some fond memories from his former culture. He relates how these good memories can make the de-conversion process very difficult.


    Is there anything that you miss about the JW culture?

  • designs

    Picnics, Surf Camps, Group Bicycle rides, great Parties all over LA every weekend. 1966-1971

  • Ilovebirthdays

    No. Our congregation almost never did anything at all. And when they did do something, it was massive amounts of lame. Even to a nerdy, not exposed to anything 8 year old JW girl.

  • NewChapter

    I wasn't raised a JW, but I have to admit, some of my best childhood memories were related to religion.

    I went to a religious school for 2 years, and those were the most valuable of my educational career. They had a unique philosophy, and truly focused on the individual. I'm not sure how much critical thinking I learned there, although we did learn about evolution, but I credit them with my creative thinking. They really honored creativity. We went camping, hiking, put on plays, fossil hunting, I was a cheerleader, there was always something happening, and that was just school!

    Then with church there were retreats, bike rides, overnight parties, dances, singing, and so much more. I'm glad I got to do a lot of those things. Since JW's don't have any organized youth programs, I'm not sure how this translates. I suppose it would be get togethers and any group activity that was planned by parents. Yet there was always someone to frown on such things.


  • LV101

    what culture?

  • fallen_princess

    I have to admit, I often miss some things like having an excuse to dress up nice for the meetings and I loved getting up early to prepare for the drive to the Circuit conventions, staying at a hotel, and seeing all the beautiful girls parading around looking for guys. equally as entertaining was making fun of the fashion disasters that often occured as well. The parties were often fun. I went to spanish congregations growing up and the get togethers were susually not lame. there was salsa, merengue, bachata dancing which was always pretty cool but none of the men knew how to dance so I was always made to lead. I missed it so much that when I got out I went out and took dance classes.

  • leavingwt

    ilovebirthdays: I was once in a do-nothing congregation, as well. We had organize things ourselves and do them in spite of the congregation leadership, certainly not at their direction or encouragement.

    LV101: LOL! Some congregations were worse than others, indeed. My congregation in NYC would have a wonderful congregation picnic in Central Park each year. It was lots of fun.

  • LV101

    leavingwt - sounds fun and it doesn't get better than central park! an friend of mine (ex-witness) talks about the fun picnics her loving congreation had even in the wild wild west. it's nice to have some fond memories.

  • leavingwt


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