Fight Erupts Over Head Scarves At Playland Park In Rye

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  • Bangalore
  • ohiocowboy

    It's a portent of things to come for what was once the United States of America. Maybe next they will demand that the name of the park be changed to Islama Land, and there will be plenty of fun, exciting rides such as the Jihad-a-Whirl, Bomb-a-rama Bumper Cars, The Al Queda-go-Round, Burqua Bungee Jumping, The Ramadan Ring Toss, the Terrorist Teacups, Mecca Megadrop, the Infidel Inferno, and the ever popular Beheading Booth. For those interested in dancing with joy at the downfall of America, the Hamas Hijab Hoedown starts promptly at noon.

    Hungry from all of the fun? Be sure to try the Religion of Peace Pie!

    Don't forget that Sunday is discount day. Bring in a caricature of Muhammad and receive a free execution of your choice*.

    *Due to exceeding popularity, stonings will be on a first come, first stoned basis.

  • Caedes

    Seems like a reasonable stance on the part of the park, once you have seen what heavy machinery can do to a person wearing a scarf. When I started my engineering training at college we had a workshop course which included a video on the dangers of having long hair or loose clothing whilst operating machinery. The images of the accidents are seared onto my brain to this day and still send a shiver down my spine. The pictures I saw made the most gruesome horror movie look like a Disney cartoon.

  • WTWizard

    Religious freedom is one thing. Safety is another.

    If you are wearing something that can get caught in machinery and create a safety hazard, your options are to remove it or secure it so it doesn't make a hazard. If it cannot be secured, it has to be removed--or the person cannot ride that ride for safety reasons. No religious bias.

    And, if anyone is going to expropriate that stand so it becomes "offensive", let them observe Ramadan during the 2016-2020 period when it is closest to the longest day of the year, north of the Arctic circle. It would then be as against their religion to eat, drink, smoke, or have sex as for the average follower to ride without a scarf when the scarf is a safety hazard. During Ramadan, they would not be able to eat or drink (even water) as long as there is sufficient light to discern a black or white thread at arm's length by natural light. North of the Arctic Circle, and during late May through mid July, that would be all day and all night. I bet 28 or 29 days with neither food nor water would be enough to either make them see that going beyond the things written by attempting to modify safety to fit their religion is not cool, or let them die of starvation and dehydration so someone with a more moderate viewpoint can run things.

    No, this is not religious discrimination. But, if you cannot wear the scarf safely, take the damn thing off or don't get on the ride.

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