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    May you all have peace!

    On occasion I get a request from someone from JWN wishing to "friend" me on Facebook. If you are among these please, PLEASE know... that I am not ignoring you or not wanting to be your "friend." It's just that... well... I don't really "Facebook". I started the account awhile ago at the request of my kids who often have community events/performances going on in Sacto/the Bay Area... and/or want me to keep up with their lives (in additional to several phone calls during the week! Yeah, they're really a Mommy's girl/boy). And so I opened an account to "see" whatever it is they want me to "see" at a given time. Other than that, though, I RARELY go to Facebook (I've had to change my password about 10 times already!).

    Anyway, if you've "poked" me or sent a "friend" request... I sincerely apologize for not responding (I have my email send Facebook stuff to "junk" and then check the junk before I empty it all, and since I don't always know your real name...)... and just want to let you know I most probably won't poke you back or friend you at this time. It's just too much for me to navigate (WAY too much info for this old bird and too many new tricks!).

    If you really wish to contact me, though, please feel totally free to PM me (I check that all the time) and, if you wish, even request my email (or phone number, if you wanna take it that far) via PM. So do/have. But no Facebook right now, sorry - I'm just not that "modern"... yet.

    Again, peace to you!

    SA, on her own...

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