What's wrong with the spirit of competition?

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  • ldrnomo
  • ldrnomo

    I hit enter too soon,

    So today my wife and I are playing a game with our 4 year old granddaughter who's mom is a semi serious JW and our son who just follows along. I'm sure neither of them push the issue of winning but as we're playing the game, she is clearly competitive.

    Isn't this the way it should be? It seems to me that being competitive and wanting to be the winner is just the right thing to do. However Jehovah's Witnesses seem to downplay competition to a point where it's wrong on many levels.

    The reason I think a competitive spirit is important is because the whole cosmos and it's continuation is reliant on survival of the fitist.

    Am I wrong?

  • wobble

    I agree, without it all living things would die, so our "Loving Creator" must have put it in us !

    I do think it is important to teach youngsters how to win, or lose, with good grace, and to be aware that many times they will lose, but to use that losing as an opportunity to learn, and therefore to improve ones skills.

    An overly competative spirit, the win at all costs attitude, is not good either, but a strong desire to do ones best is a sure way to succeed, and sometimes to survive.

  • pbrow

    I agree, being competitive is a natural thing. Yet again, instead of dubs using life as a teaching tool they just automatically put it in a negative light. Board games or sports are perfect avenues to teach our kids to be humble winners and to be gracious in defeat but dubs will just open up the school brochure and....yep, its bad cant do it.


  • paulnotsaul

    I see nothing wrong with it. As all above have stated. The irony is the ORG. plants the spirit of competition in its members by how much each member can do for the ORG. You know, field circus etc. Its sad that they can't see it. peaceAll paulnotsaul

  • AGuest

    Greetings, dear ldr... and peace to you! The problem with the WTBTS' teaching on competitiveness is that, because their leaders had/have their own weaknesses, they believe ALL have the same issues. Competition can be positive, fun, and healthy... as well as negative, harmful, even damaging. Depends on the mindset... and goals... of those "playing." The WTBTS has seated itself in the seat of Moses... so as to "make law" for its members (and try to do so for all humans)... and since some of THEM cannot engage in competition without such raising the wrong kinds of emotions... or reactions... assume this is the case with everyone.

    Is there some danger in competition? Of course, there is. There are some who will do ANYTHING to "win." We all know that. But assuming that EVERYONE lacks such self-control is like assuming NO woman can be alone in the presence of a man who is not her husband without succumbing to adultery. Or NO young people can get together without some/all of them engaging in fornication. (Shaking head...)

    It really doesn't say any more for the trust they have... in themselves or their members... that they have to make such rules. Yes, some WILL give in to "temptation." But such ones will regardless of the rules/laws. To assume... and so penalize... EVERYONE [will], though... is not only stupid, but absolutely unChristlike. Sure, you can publish your thoughts on the dangers... but all of their attempts to put people BACK UNDER LAW... is not also the works of a false prophet... but blasphemy.

    Competition, however, is NOT necessarily a natural phenomena... for humans OR the cosmos. Indeed, not ALL of the cosmos is IN competition. MOST of it actually displays one of the most awesome and utmost forms of COOPERATION without competition... and so exists in sublime HARMONY.

    Again, peace to you...

    A slave of Christ,


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