Albert Schroeder and Sputnik

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  • xelder

    As I read the Ray Franz books a couple years ago, he mentioned several things that I had personal knowledge of. This really gave a ring of truth to everything he wrote, even if there were some things that couldn't be verified. One thing was the idea that some of the GB thought Sputnik was a signicant event marking the last days. This was not offically taught. BUT, I personally heard Schroeder present this idea from the platform at a special event (as they were called in the day). It was in Pocatello, Idaho.

    JW's had always said Ray's books were full of lies. But several small things like this that I personally knew were true really helped me trust the content of those books.

  • hamsterbait


    In the book on Daniel from 1958 the Society clearly identified the Sputnik as one of the "Great Signs" from heaven - even putting an artists impression of its orbit on the first page. ("Your Will be done on Earth") it was seen as sooooo significant at the time that according to Franz, Knorr actually wanted to change the year ending the Gentile Times to 1957, as even by then they knew that 1914 and 607 were ess aitch one tee.

    How could they wrangle that one out of the Babble?

    The discovery of cosmic rays was also seen as one of the "GREAT" signs in the heavens making us all faint out of fear and anxiety at all the things coming (in the mundane sense of the word) upon the inhabited earth. (at least the signs perform safe sex)

    The "ROARING of the sea and its agitation" was applied to the nuclear submarines and their missiles.

    Of course the whole political climate and status quo has changed now, so we can expect a whole raft of re interpreted reinterpretations to hide the embarrassing crap ( ess aitch one tee) that went before.


    Have I killed the thread - It is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xelder


    I used to read that Daniel book in detail (since I was a model superkid JW)

  • flipper

    XELDER- Great thread. It's good to bring this stuff up because it can help on the fence borderline JW's to see information they've never had access to. Good job

  • TheOldHippie

    "The "ROARING of the sea and its agitation" was applied to the nuclear submarines and their missiles."

    It was. I sorely miss the world as it was up to the late 1980s, everything fitted so neatly back then, King of the North vs King of the South, arms race, threat of nuclear bombs, spaceships and submarines. Now all we've got is uncertainly and grim-looking Moslems. I miss the Reagan/Nixon vs Mao/Brezhnew era.

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