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  • Silent_Scream

    It has been said "The way to control people is to control information." It's very true in the JW org. Thats why on Bible study sessions, people are usually excited to learn and see things in their Bible they've never seen before! So much information is held back. Unlike the Bible, which exposes David's and even the entire nation of Israel's sins, JW's hide theirs and try not to show true colors until a person is "strong" in the "truth". They are even reluctant to talk about "deep Bible truths"(aka nonsense) until a person is advanced, because certain beliefs are foolish stretches (like Apostle John prophesying about convention talks by Rutherford).

    I remember giving a Bible student a WT Lib CD, and how the friends reacted. How the elders reacted! How much more so when I showed elders the changes WT Lib made over the hard copies, so these are the watered down articles anyway!

    What's to hide? (We know of course), but the average JW who KNOWS this is the truth would still feel strongly against that. For what? How can a person searching for truth not be able to get the whole truth? Bible studies are simple fraud sessions to suck people in, and even strong JW's know that.

    Bonus part is, Bible studies sets up parts like in an upcoming watchtower about listening to apostates. Instead of actually addressing anything frankly and honestly, AGAIN!, they instead skirt around issues and appeal to emotion with such phrases as "How did you feel when first learning the important truths of God's word?" Then they dismiss everything else as minor matters, and try to get feelings involved. Bible studies are to blame...

  • Silent_Scream

    I apologize, this is the title... Bible studies are fraud sessions

  • iamwhoiam

    are there a list of changes where the cd and hard copies differ anywhere?

  • Silent_Scream

    I personally can't find a specific list, but i've seen it myself. They update words in books from "delaying" Jehovah's purpose to "affecting" it instead. Since mags are periodicals, it doesnt make sense to reprint any changes, but they have done so with WT Lib. Its usually not entire articles but they add words like "possibly", "may", or change a word or phrase that changes entire meanings.

  • wobble

    It's interesting to think that someone is engaged on doing the re-writes, which they must know is the height of dishonesty, and yet their conscience is not troubled because they are protecting what they call the "Truth".

    Truth and WT/JW do not belong in the same sentence.

    The whole thing of keeping info. from newcomers must add to the JW's Cog. Diss. as well.

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