A Visit Back to the JW Way of Life

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  • Nosferatu

    Hey all! I haven't posted here in FOREVER. There hasn't been a reason to. The JW crap has been pretty much absent from my life with the exception of a few small things.

    Anyway, last week, me and my girlfriend took a trip to visit my brother in Saskatchewan. He is not a JW, but his wife and mother-in-law are. It's also unfortunate that his daughter is also a JW and just recently took a tour of the US Bethel. My nephew on the other hand wants out of it, and doesn't believe any of it. He told me "God doesn't want us to kill people, but he is going to destroy people at Armageddon. How friggin' stupid!" At least he gets it. I love my niece to death and wish she would get out of the damn cult.

    Anyway, a couple of things happened. The first was when my gf and my niece got into a discussion about skirts. She started saying "I don't wear anything above my knee. I've chosen to avoid that because it's more modest. That pissed me off, and I piped up, "That isn't your choice, that's what the Watchtower told you!" She was kinda shocked and had nothing to say to defend herself, and the topic was dropped.

    The second thing that came up was when we had decided to make home-made pizza. Me and my gf volunteered to go shopping for the ingredients. We were warned to only pick up certain brands of meat such as Schneiders, because many brands of meat include meat by-products. My gf thought this was due to allergies, but I cleared it up, telling her that JWs believe that meat by-products = blood, which they can't eat. She was dumbfounded by this! My sis-in-law went on about how some places do not bleed the meat properly blah blah blah. My gf was restraining herself from getting into an argument about that being a bunch of horseshit, but didn't. I was also biting my tongue from getting into this issue. I just smoothed everything over by saying "No worries, I know how to check the ingredients for by-products" and we left it at that.

    So we go to the deli to get some pepperoni, and I asked for a list of ingredients which I got. Yay! No blood in the pepperoni! My sister-in-law won't be destroyed at Armageddon, although she should since she's a cheating bitch. Plus she's a closet smoker, although she had no problem smoking in front of me. Let's see... it's wrong to eat blood but it's okay to smoke cigarettes. Damn hypocrite.

    Anyway, I chose to respect their stupid JW wishes because it was their house.

  • skeeter1

    The rules seem really petty once you leave the JWs. I remember my sister went into a tizzy because she forgot her pantyhose, and wasn't sure if she could go with bare legs when it was 110' outside. I made the mistake of telling her to stay home, then she had to go!


    Cigarettes are a bad habit to try to break. People lose fingers due to cigarettes, and will smoke with nubs of fingers. Others, will smoke through a tracheotomy. Show her this ad,


    Everybody knows smoking kills

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  • jamiebowers

    Oh that's rich! Heaven forbid she eat imaginary blood in meat by products, but she'll puff away on cigarettes. I wonder if her jw daughter will ever feel conscience driven to turn Mommy into the elders.

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