"Never Watch the Television"

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  • palmtree67

    This is going around Dubbie-Land right now.

    I find it extremely IRONIC that the JW's are passing around this video as proof that the Society is right to warn them about restricting TV watching.

    Notice, the guy says "If you watch a movie, you should do so critically", among other gems that the JW's will not apply to themselves.


  • Ding

    If we don't watch TV, how will we know about all those earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsumanis that "prove" Armageddon is imminent?

  • palmtree67


    The GB will watch TV for you, as they cannot be indoctrinated like the rest of us simpletons.

  • flipper

    PALMTREE- Many JW's I used to know didn't even watch the news on T.V. or even read the news in the newspapers . They were so uninformed about what happens in the REAL world that they got all their info from the WT & Awake magazines. One reason ( among many ) that these people are so skewed and close minded in all their views of reality

  • man oh man
    man oh man

    Sounds like the gb could use their own tv channel. what an awesome mind control tool.

  • BluesBrother

    I don't know who this guy is but do not confuse him with a J W....If some are passing on his video in agreement with it, then that is their minority choice.

    This guy is just paranoid...and what was that about it being "mandatory that every home in Britain has access to TV "?????

    Every dub that I know has a t v and watches it as much as anyone else. Certainly they advocate selectivity in what to watch but I believe other Churches do the same. Surely we are all selective , it is called choice.

    Certainly I can remember a time when t v was criticised by the WTS as a time waster and a corrupter of the mind..but that must have been at least 40 years ago.

  • WTWizard

    No watching TV? I wonder if that's because too many witlesses are watching TV and missing boasting sessions or skipping field circus.

  • VM44

    Television is Satan's Eyeball!

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Alan Watts died in 1973 . His radio talks are being heard a new on the internet . Look him up on wikipedia ,interesting fellow .

    I remember a big swing in the late seventies early eighties for JW's to put the TV away or completely get rid of it . Conventions would have skits where the husband and wife decided to quit watching TV ,and miraculously their homelife improved leaps and bounds . One I recall ,they kept a small TV ,but kept it in the closet so it was an effort to take it out and set it up .This way it was out of sight out of mind and easier to do with out . After that convention many in our hall proudly announced how they too would follow the advice to rid their homes of this 'worldly ' influence . For a while it was a spiritual badge of honor to do w/o TV .

    Who knows someone back then on the GB may have listened to Alan Watts broadcasts , and thought it was a sensible arguement . I mean we all realize these guys get their opinions from other men and just label it as their own "new light " to be passed on as inspired .

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