What's behind this sort of behaviour?

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  • sizemik

    It's abhorrent to the average human . . . but what motivates this sort of behaviour?

    I'm interested in what others think.

    Gaddafi 'poured boiling water over nanny'

    A woman who worked as a nanny for one of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's sons said boiling water was poured over her head after she refused to beat his daughter.

    Shweyga Mullah's head and body remain covered in large weeping scabs after the cruel punishment was inflicted by Hannibal Gaddafi's wife, Aline Skaf.

    Ms Mullah, 30, was recently found alone in a room at an abandoned seaside resort in western Tripoli which belonged to the Libyan dictator's son.

    The Ethiopian immigrant said she came to Libya one year ago to work as a nanny to Hannibal Gaddafi's young daughter and son.

    In another horror story to emerge since the fall of the Gaddafi regime, Ms Mullah recounted how Ms Skaf became very angry when her daughter would not stop crying and Ms Mullah refused to beat the child.

    "She took me to a bathroom. She tied my hands behind my back and tied my feet. She taped my mouth and she started pouring the boiling water on my head," Ms Mullah told CNN of the incident, which happened three months ago.

    Ms Mullah said the abuse did not stop after the attack.

    "For three days, she wouldn't let me sleep," Ms Mullah said.

    "I stood outside in the cold with no food. She would say to staff, 'If anyone gives her food, I'll do the same to you.' I had no water, nothing."

    A guard at the compound finally took Ms Mullah to hospital but when Ms Skaf became aware she threatened the guard would be fired if he helped her again.

    A colleague of Ms Mullah confirmed the attack had taken place and added that he had also been beaten and slashed with knives.

  • leavingwt

    And yet, this is insignificant, when compared to the Loving God who will burn billions for all eternity in Hell.

  • PaintedToeNail

    This is horrific. Ms. Skaf clearly thinks this poor nanny was beneath contempt. What kind of a monster would do this to someone?! It seems to be a recurring theme for this 'family'. They all deserve each other.

  • dgp

    To me, this is the result of absolute power. She knew she could get away with burning and maiming the poor immigrant.

  • sizemik

    @LWT . . . that does add some perspective on that score . . . interesting how differently some will view the two.

    @PTN . . . I was equally horrified . . . mainly because of the participants and the reasoning . . . staggering.

    @dgp . . . human corruption doesn't get much worse . . . power is indeed a frightening tool in some hands.

    The behaviour is top level psychopathic IMO . . . there seems to be a complete absence of natural human qualities in this woman . . . towards her children as well as anyone around her. The article came with a picture . . . the Nannie's scalp was badly blistered and scarred and much of her hair is gone.


  • PaintedToeNail

    This poor, poor woman, disfigured for life. It is amazing she didn't die from her burns, although she still is a risk for sever infection. It makes me realize how lucky I am to live where I do. Ms. Mullah probably only wanted to have a better life, instead it must have been a living hell. It is unbelievable to think what immigrants go through in search of something better. Often they end up as slaves, prostitutes, tortured and taken advantage of by unscrupulous, wicked people. What happened to this woman is worse than tragic.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    It's cultural diversity, who are we to judge? /sarcasm off/

  • smiddy

    Atrocity after atrocity after atrocity,

    century after century after century,

    and their are those who still beleive in a loving God

    what more can I say


  • mummatron

    Freedom of expression, is the right of every natural person, even if a person chooses to behave irrationally to express his or her insanity.” - Col. Muammar Gaddafi in The Green Book. The Green Book was Gaddafi's manual for Libyan living published in the 70's.

    Unfortunately, I think that Aline Scaf and the rest of the Gaddafi family would use this as a defense for all of their atrocious behaviour.

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