Beefing up my disaster preparedness to protect family

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  • RayPublisher

    I've been getting some new toys and also utilizing my old ones a little better- I now have a 1000 watt inverter that connects to a 12 volt car battery which in some ways is better than a generator because you don't need to worry about keeping fresh gasoline and trying to stockpile it. I have a 3'x3' 30 watt solar panel that can charge one or two car batteries also so it will create a limited but never ending power supply to complete this little chain.

    Also I built a simple rack in my garage this weekend for my two guns, (12 gauge and a .22) so they are easily available but secure bc they have trigger locks and the key is now right on my regular keyring. If you wanted/needed a survival weapon for hunting the Henry survival rifle is a peach of a little gun. I want one!

    I have fresh water but suspect I need a lot more as there is four of us. Plus I have a 300 gallon spa for non-potable uses it is right there and always ready. Have lots of cans of soup, tuna, etc. I heard peanut butter is the best calorie rich protein food you can have in an emergency.

    Anyway hope you all don't think i'm wacko! Any suggestions or things I am lacking?

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Between 9/ll in lower Manhattan and Irene, I am keen on survival. Irene caught me not fully prepared. Batteries sold out days before the storm. If a black out occurred, there was not enough food or water.

    I had portable radios, flashlights but no extra supply of fresh batteries.

    Thankfully, there was no power loss here. I hope this is a wake-up call for me. My upbringing was so antigun as a Witness and the local lifestyle. After September 11, my feelings about guns changed dramatically.

  • Shanagirl

    I think its' a good idea to have emergency supplies. Has anyone heard that the recent east coast earth quake and Japan was intentinally directed to happen by HAARP ?

  • ohiocowboy

    Good for you! I too have been stocking up and preparing as much as I can. I have tons of canned foods as well as dried foods such as beans, rice, pastas, etc. Try to get a variety of foods so you don't get bored of having to eat the same thing all of the time and make sure you have foods with plenty of proteins, carbs and calories. Water will be a big priority if something were to happen, and water purification is a must! There is an incredible water purification system on the market, it is called a Berkey water system. Berkey is the Cadillac of water treatment systems, and are a bit pricey, but are well worth it in regards to ease of use, looks, and durability. The filters get rid of almost anything imaginable, and you can even filter water from puddles and end up with crystal clear and clean water.

    Good things to trade with others in a disaster scenario would be alcohol-(Rubbing and the drinking kind), toilet paper, herbs and spices-(Cooking and the smoking kind-lol), coffee, sugar, hygiene items, batteries, lighters, magnifying glasses, reading materials, etc.

    Some precious metals tucked away and well hidden are a good idea.

    A crank radio, crank flashlight or lantern, and a crank phone charger are a must. You can either get them separately, or you can get an all in one type.

    In regards to tools, you can never have too many. If space is limited and you need something that is lightweight, a Leatherman tool is great to have. It is a bunch of tools all in one, much better than a Swiss army knife in some ways-(although the Swiss army knife would be a good companion tool) and can be used for almost any need imaginable.

    There are plenty of survival sites on the net, and you can get some great ideas as well as things that you would need that you would never even think of that woud come in handy.

    Good luck, and good job for stocking up and preparing!!!

  • The Fence
    The Fence

    You're not even close to being wacko if you're planning for the coming collapse. I have to question however, what exactly your expectations are regarding the AR-7 or more specifically the.22 round. I'm not saying DON'T get it, it's a cool weapon, it just seems to me that when TSHTF (and it will) you'll have bigger worries than shooting "small game". Besides, you're already equipped for that. I would urge you to consider something with considerably more stopping power. Prefferably capable of penetrating military issued armor if you get my meaning. I'm assuming you're American & if so you are in a very priviledged position having your 2nd amendment backing you up. The biggest threat to survival will be more than likely be bipedal as opposed to quad.

    Pay particular attention to Ohiocowboy's 2nd & 3rd paragraphs. That's gold right there. Barter will probably be crucial. It bears repeating:

    "Some precious metals tucked away and well hidden are a good idea."

    Buy silver NOW as opposed to its forcasted (by some insider accounts & I have no reason to disbelieve) $900+/oz price. Coming soon to a disaster near you. Good luck & well done.

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