When ppl drink

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  • Dudu

    I have noticed that when ppl drink usually say things that wont otherwise .... according to your opinion and experience , drunk ppl usually tell the truth about their feelings about some situations?

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Yes they do often say things they wouldn't in a sober situation...but they don't necessarily tell they truth when they are drunk any more than when sober. Aclohol just tends to remove inhabitions.

  • dm6

    i like to get drunk.

  • Glander

    A nice drink or two is great. Getting drunk is horrible.

  • dm6
    A nice drink or two is great. Getting drunk is horrible.

    Someone hasn't lived....

  • Lore

    Alchohol does two things that are relevant to this discussion.

    1: It removes your inhibitions and makes you more likely to do things you'd normally think better of.

    2: It alters your perception of reality and generally makes you a bumbling idiot.

    So if a drunk guy tells you he hates you and never wants to see you again. . . It could mean that in general he hates you and wishes you'd go away but would never TELL you that while sober.

    OR it could be that his brain isn't working right and he only hates you at that moment.

    As far as them always telling the truth? Just ask a drunk guy: "are you drunk?" and see if he tells you the truth.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    when drunk, many people tell more than they should, but not necessarily true things. depends on the situation and how drunk. when drunk one probably finds something really funny when actually it isn't. or exaggerates things. that's the worst thing in hangovers, when you still remember part of what you said...

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